Tuesday, 26 April 2016

BLue skies and hail stones, what's that about then??

 We went back to  Landguard Point again this morning. A new ship in getting loaded and whilst we were there another smaller container ship came in with two tugs. we watched as they turned the ship round and backed it onto the berth.

Back to the van for soup and garlic bread, there is enough left for tomorrow as well. Plans to eat out tomorrow have changed, We are eating the remaining chicken tonight, so will have the frittata tomorrow, sandwiches to go out with us. we are going to Woodbridge for a stroll round.

After lunch we went to Old Felixstowe, passed the ferry point we turned round and paid for an hour watching the ships. A big DFDS boat moving towards Harwich, no idea where it had come from.
Still not done any sewing, it will go home again in the same state as it left. I will keep it in the sitting room and make sure I do some quilting each afternoon whilst DB has his siesta.

Afraid I fell at the wayside again plant wise. We called at Lidl for a few bits, they had geraniums, a pack of 6 ended up in my basket. A reminder of our holiday.

It was sunny when we got up and has been for most of the day, except that we had several showers of hailstones and the wind was ferocious.

DB is doing some of his puzzle, I am about to sort out the chicken, have made a salad and a couple of jacket spuds will go down quite well with it.

All in all we are having a good time. I got a rest which is why we came away. The caravan is ok and we are warm and dry. May be we were expecting too much.

I will wait till we get home to publish my photographs using my lap top. I only took one today, of the DFDS ship that came in. There were a lot of ships some at anchor others making for Scandanavia or the container port at Felixstowe.

Two days and we will be thinking of travelling back to our bungalow, wonder how the seeds have done. We will need to cut the back grass, it will have grown quite a bit.


  1. Am so glad you and DB had a lovely, interesting day at Languard Point and Old Flexstowe's harbor watching the ships - despite that wind and hail, of course. Your lunch and dinner sound yummy and your excellent planning gets credit for this being such a wonderfully relaxing holiday for you. Much needed, too.

    No worries, your quilt will have enjoyed its tour and will happily await your stitches once back at home. Today I'm trimming the star quilt's edges so need to get back to pressing the second side before trimming it.

    It's a sunny and really warm day here.


  2. Oh it sounds to me that you have had quite a nice day out and glad you enjoyed some sun shine. Pity about the storm that blew up. Hopefully it left as quickly as it came up.

    Yes indeed the change in your routine surely has done you much good. You will be home before you know it and it will be exciting to see how your beautiful garden is coming along and to plant the geraniums as a reminder of your holiday.

    I have some very happy memories of visiting Woodbridge with my mum as a child growing up and going into a cafe for ice cream and fancy cakes. A real treat in those days following the war.

    Looking forward to your photos when you are able to share.

  3. Good to hear your holiday news. Enjoy the last few days


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