Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bitty Day

It had obviously been raining when we drew back the curtains, but by 10am the sun was out although the wind is cold.

I had an appointment with my sewing room to clear away the mess from yesterday and find somewhere to put everything. My DD2 gave me some Ferrera Rocher chocolate a few weeks ago, the container they were in just takes the bits and bobs for the new machine, I could do with another one, wonder who I can persuade to buy me some??!!

The fabric from the quilt blocks has been put back in the boxes, also cleared out a set of drawers, was most surprised to find some stabilizer in the bottom along with some bits that I did on the 12000 including a lovely feathered quilt block. Unfortunately the design is not on the new machine. Fingers crossed it might come in the quilt package that rumours say will come out later this year.

DB went out into the garden, he was tidying the edge of the grass he cut after supper last night. The tulips in the pot by the front door have come out, pale yellow with a darker centre. Very pretty, I do not remember buying any white daffs, but we have several double white ones coming out.

Cauli and Brocc gratin tonight, no tomato's to roast with the spuds, will have to think of something else.

I was shocked and astounded yesterday to hear on the news that a very popular couple of presenters from Radio Leicester are due in court on Monday on child sex charges. I must admit I do not listen to Radio Leicester except when I am in the car. I was surprised that the male presenter was not presenting his usual show. It appears they were suspended in December.

DB has gone for his siesta. I need to complete the hand quilting I started at the group last week, need to show them how to put the cushion together. Also they are asking for a demo of stitch in the ditch quilting and scribble, so need to get the stuff ready for that as well. Next week will be busy getting ready for our trip.

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