Saturday, 30 April 2016

Washing Day

I was rudely awakened at 6am by the door bell ringing, then I noticed the alarm clock was flashing, we seem to have had a power surge. I put a load in the washer and went back to bed.

A second load went in after the first lot had been hung out. We spent half an hour in the garden, dead heading and trying to pull some weeds out, I will have to use the push me pull you. Its very useful, cuts weeds off and if you keep using it the weeds eventually die.

Bacon sandwiches for lunch, OH was bowling. K the odd job man came round with the bed table which he has glued for us, very kind of him.

OH off to the bowls, I sat and hand quilted almost all of one block on the quilt. I now have a sore finger on my left hand. I have to feel the needle coming through, so end up with a pricked middle finger. I use udder cream and surgical spirit, it soon sorts it.  I am not hand quilting any more quilts, it hurts my hands too much.

We had a swift sleet storm at lunch time, the laundry dried and has been folded and put away. I have one load to do tomorrow and then I am all caught up.

It was good to get back to our bed last night, we have a queen size, the one in the van was an ordinary 4' 6. its amazing the difference 6 inches can make.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Home Again and its freezing

we set off just after 9.30 and arrived home in time for lunch, just over 3 hours from door to door.

Not a bad journey, until we got on the A1, just outside Grantham a lorry had shed a tyre so it was blocking one lane, its a 2 lane road at that point so all the traffic was trying to get into one lane.

Bright sunshine when we left, we got a heavy hail shower just after we got off the A1 but by the time we got to the bungalow the sun was shining again.

Car unloaded and everything put away. We had some lunch, I put a fleece blanket in the washer, its out on the line now, will finish it off in the dryer.

Whilst I was outside I had a quick look at the back garden, lots of bits popping their heads up. The Crown Imperial is now right out the bells have opened, resisted the urge to smell it, I know from past experience it stinks!! Some of the daffs had suffered in the wind, so I picked them, dead headed some of the others. The grass needs cutting in the back.

The plants we bought whilst away travelled home ok, everything, including the plants we had inside, have had a good watering and are now back in the plant house. The only thing that has not germinated are the leeks, DB says we will go to Aldi in Bingham next Thursday and he will get leeks from the market.

Its brrrrrr in the house, so I have lit the fire, put the sitting room heater back on until the weather warms up a bit.

We enjoyed our break away, especially watching those huge ships coming in and out loaded with containers. We have decided that our next break we will look either for a cottage or a B & B. Not sure where it will be though.

The village is quiet as usual, the car park and field at the village hall has a caravan rally on it, more than 30 when we came by earlier.

DB is playing bowls tomorrow afternoon, I am going to do some work on the quilt I took with me and never touched.

After this holiday weekend life will return to normal.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

It's Sunny Just Now

Our last day here. This morning we went down to the point again, just 2 ships coming in whilst we were there. I treated us to two cappuchino coffees.

We filled the car up on the way back, so the desiel in the car has to last us through May.

Lunch over, we need to sort out and pack the bags ready to go home. I would usually clean the van before we leave, the site employs cleaners, so why should I do their job for them?

We have blue skies just now, but all sorts of horrors are forecast, as long as it does not stop us travelling home I do not mind. The wind is quite strong and rather gusty, the river estuary was looking a bit choppy.

No stitching done on my quilt, I will leave it in the sitting room and make myself do an hour each day until is finished.

I have bought plants whilst we have been here, some geraniums, cauliflower and calebrese. Watered last night they are sheltering under the van by the door. They will need protection until the threat of overnight frost is past. It will be good to see what's come out in the garden whilst we have been away.

The wi fi has worked well whilst we have been here. Have always got a signal. Not sure how much time is left on it will check later. I need to check the bank, bills to pay.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Whoo Hoo a sunny day

Boy did it rain in the night, hammered on the roof. When we got up the sun was out. We set off for Woodbridge, went the wrong way, ended up half way to Ipswich, had to go off the motor way and round back on the other side. Like many places here we had to pay for parking, so £1 for an hour, we went up the road on one side and back on the other, looking in shop windows. The only cash that changed hands was 95p for a new mug for DB. There was a nice preserve jar in the antique shop, but the lady would not budge on the price so I walked away. We parked in Nottcuts to have some lunch and then headed for Bawdsey, sat by the river watching the little ferry going back and forth from Bawdsey to Felixstowe. Shame they no longer have a car ferry, we had to go all the way round to get back to the caravan.

The weather has been very good for most of the day, we did have a couple of hailstone storms, but soon went over.

Tomorrow we need to start packing up for our homeward journey. We will go down to the point for a couple of hours in the morning, have some lunch and then start packing up what we do not need for Friday morning.

It has been good to relax, shame about the caravan, we would not travel back here again anyway, but I think we may well be looking at cottages in the future.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

BLue skies and hail stones, what's that about then??

 We went back to  Landguard Point again this morning. A new ship in getting loaded and whilst we were there another smaller container ship came in with two tugs. we watched as they turned the ship round and backed it onto the berth.

Back to the van for soup and garlic bread, there is enough left for tomorrow as well. Plans to eat out tomorrow have changed, We are eating the remaining chicken tonight, so will have the frittata tomorrow, sandwiches to go out with us. we are going to Woodbridge for a stroll round.

After lunch we went to Old Felixstowe, passed the ferry point we turned round and paid for an hour watching the ships. A big DFDS boat moving towards Harwich, no idea where it had come from.
Still not done any sewing, it will go home again in the same state as it left. I will keep it in the sitting room and make sure I do some quilting each afternoon whilst DB has his siesta.

Afraid I fell at the wayside again plant wise. We called at Lidl for a few bits, they had geraniums, a pack of 6 ended up in my basket. A reminder of our holiday.

It was sunny when we got up and has been for most of the day, except that we had several showers of hailstones and the wind was ferocious.

DB is doing some of his puzzle, I am about to sort out the chicken, have made a salad and a couple of jacket spuds will go down quite well with it.

All in all we are having a good time. I got a rest which is why we came away. The caravan is ok and we are warm and dry. May be we were expecting too much.

I will wait till we get home to publish my photographs using my lap top. I only took one today, of the DFDS ship that came in. There were a lot of ships some at anchor others making for Scandanavia or the container port at Felixstowe.

Two days and we will be thinking of travelling back to our bungalow, wonder how the seeds have done. We will need to cut the back grass, it will have grown quite a bit.

Monday, 25 April 2016

More rain, no sleet, no snow, but plenty of wind.

We were up slightly earlier this morning. No picnic, today was to be a 'meal out' day.

First stop Quilters Haven, in Wickham Market, DB went to look at the local church whilst I indulged in some retail therapy. Did not spend much for a change.

A lady in the car park gave DB a parking ticket with over an hour left on it, very kind of her. We travelled on to Southwold, where rain greeted us, we went down to the sea front and had lunch at the Beach Cafe, small cod and chips twice and tea for two. Glad we opted for the small portions, the larger one, we would have had to have one portion and share it!!! After a visit to the facilities we strolled back to the car and made our way to Aldeburgh, again parkrd on the sea front and watched the fishing boats get dragged up the beach by a tractor. The fish is then unloaded. We saw a chap bringing oysters to the smoke house.

It rained all the way back to the caravan, chilly, so fire on. We will not need a big supper, DB has asked for toast and jam. I have hulled the rest of the strawberries, so we can have those and a piece of carrot cake, that will keep the wolf from the door.

Tomorrow will be a stay local day with me cooking tomorrow night. We may well go down to Landguard Point again. A picnic lunch and a book will keep us going.

The forecast is not too good for tomorrow, so we will decide what to do in the morning.

A reminder on face book that this time 2 years ago we were setting our sights towards home after visiting the west coast of Scotland towing the caravan. We sold it the September after when we realised that we were not going to use it in the way we had visualised when we bought it.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sun,Wind,Rain, Sleet and Hail....

We have had it all today. Another late morning, but by 10am we were on our way to Landguard Point, we were recommended to go there by a fellow blogger. Free parking, brilliant, we got onto the front overlooking the estuary. The docks we we working loading and Unloadind a huge container ship, containers being lifted off and being taken away by tractor units, then another Derrick loading.

We saw the Stena line ferry going out on its way to Holland. Several more container ships came in guided by the port pilots.  The ferry from Harwich to Felixstowe came in just before noon and then bustled to and fro across the moutht of the river? The life boats were busy. I think they were on training exercises. Lastly we saw the Border Force boat come in and a dredger, not sure where it was going when we left it was just sitting.

We took sandwiches with us, although we did cheat and go into the cafe for coffee and to use the toilets. We spent 5 hours sitter nag waching the ships, the wind was very strong and quite cold.

We called at Lidl on the way back to the caravan to get some strawberries for dessert. And also a bottle of rose to go with the chicken.

On the way down to Landguard we saw another site, on the way back we called in. It is mostly a private site but they have 18 vans for letting. The set was so much nicer than this one, plenty of room between the vans, and all very well kept.

We have enjoyed today, although it had a bit of a bad end when I managed to trap my thumb in the door as I shut it. It's not broken but bruised, nice purple mark across it. Hey ho, tomorrow we are off to Southwold, and I think. Visit to a quilt might just get squeezed in!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Rain, Wind, sun more rain.

After a reasonable night, we did not get up until after 9am. Decided to try and find the Town Hall and get a map. We went down by the sea and past the pier. Some nice large houses converted into Hotels/ B & B's. We found the Main Street by accident. Parked and walked down to take a couple of photos. One I took is good apart from the street lamp which features in the foreground.

Back to the van for lunch, it started to rain, so we decided not to venture out after lunch. OH has brought his puzzle with him, I sat and read. There is quite a bit of movement, people seem to be arriving to open their vans for the season. Rained heavily, the sun is out but very windy, it's quite cold. I fell asleep for an hour, although DB did not go for his siesta.

I think this will be our last holiday of this type, we are disappointed with the van, so I think next time it will either be a cottage or B & B. The staff are not exactly helpful either.

We will brave the Sunday Market tomorrow, might walk rather than take the car, all parking is pay and display, 60p for half an hour. Parking may be free tomorrow...... Not sure.

No sewing on my quilt, it will not be the first time I have taken it away and not touched it.

Friday, 22 April 2016

We Are Here

We arrived just after 4pm. Having left home at 1 pm. Not a bad journey but very slow in parts, lots of heavy fighting traffic heading for Harwich and the docks at Felixstowe.

We were a little disappointed in the van, it's not what we thought we were getting. The fridge door inside has no bars on, so impossible to put anything in the door. We had a problem with the lights as well. DB is disappointed that he cannot see the sea, there is a six foot wall behind us, and in front just vans,vans and more vans. Do not think we will be using the Company again. They tell us it is due to snow in the week........we will look forward to that - not.

Not sure how long the wi fi will go for, so will post whilst I am able.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Up early, laundry on the line before I had my breakfast. Off to U3A, we did not stay for coffee, When I filled the car with fuel on Monday the tyres were checked and one seemed to be very flat, so we went to the local tyre depot and got it checked, thankfully, it had a leaky valve, which they replaced free of charge!!

Home I managed to stuff a couple of cream crackers and cheese and an apple down my throat before I set off for the Quilting group meeting......the machine I was unsure of, because I do not use it for free motion quilting behaved impeccably and produced a decent demo. As did the foot I use for quilting in the ditch.

Back at home I am shattered, OH helped me to clear the car, a drink and we have just had bacon and Parmesan fritatta with a mixed salad. lemon sponge fingers for dessert, too full for anything else.

We now have to finish packing for our trip tomorrow, lists abound, some have everything ticked off, some have not. We hope to get away after an early lunch.

I have charged the mobile wi fi up so hopefully I will be able to continue to enter my blog whilst we are away.. Otherwise you will have to wait until we get back. I am looking forward to sitting and doing some hand quilting, I am taking a quilt I made some years ago that needs the quilting finished, Its black so I cannot sew it at night, it needs daylight.

DB was fine whilst I was out this afternoon, he has mown the front grass, so the front looks very presentable. I expect it will need doing again when we get back.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Getting There

DB went to collect the prescriptions whilst I got dressed. Baking done, scone and carrot cake and a loaf in the bread maker. I will freeze the scones, they keep better that way and slice the loaf and freeze it in the morning.

We had a cup of tea and then out to the garden. All the plants we bought are in apart from the bush fuchsia which will go in once the threat of frost has passed. I also repotted the little patio rose into a bigger pot and gave it a feed when I watered it in. What bliss it is to have an outside tap we do not have to use the tap in the kitchen.

The azalea my friend gave me many years ago, it has flowered faithfully every year. She passed away in 2003, It died back a bit this year so I had to go to work with the secateurs. Fingers crossed it will last a few more years. There are still some flowers to come out.

These two pretty little pots are in the corner of the side between us and next door, the miniature daffs look like butterflies, so very pretty. I will dry the bulbs off when they have died back and replant them in the back for next spring, the grape hyacinths will go in the front.

Swept up all the compost etc so its all tidy at the back. Several people have commented on the back garden. Our next door neighbours gardener came yesterday, He could not believe the change in 12 months, when we first sat the bungalow at the beginning of May it was knee high in weeds. When we took it over the grass was waist high. Our neighbour across the road used his strimmer on it and then mowed it before we came in for which we were very grateful.
June 6th 2015
Today taken from the same spot.

DB will have his siesta this afternoon, no supper needed he is playing bowls and gets hhis supper, so I can have the TV to myself for a while.

The pile in the back bedroom is getting larger, we are putting things through as we think of them. Note: put in the chargers for the cameras.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Todays The Day

DB gets his MRI scan. So I am doing my blog early, it could well be quite late when we get home.

Its a bright morning so DB has strimmed the grass path up to the top of the garden and is still messing about out there. I have cooked up a pan of mince, half of it is for lunch, the rest to go into the freezer for spag bol sauce whilst we are away.

We are eating at lunchtime, mince and tatties. DB can have a drink and something to eat before we set out for the hospital.

Our neighbour, who was whisked off in an Ambulance on Sunday, is home, tests and new medication.

The garden s looking good, there are a couple of plants I want to get in before we go, they will be better in the ground, will do them tomorrow, give them a couple of days to settle in, the forecast is not great for the weekend........

The family is remarkably quiet, unusual, but less stress for me, just hope nothing is coming to bite me on the bum whilst we are away.

If I get a chance will post more later, otherwise it will be tomorrow.


Well that was a waste of time and more profit for the hospital. As soon as the Drs realised that DB had an adverse reaction some years ago when injected with a dye, they decided to do a cat scan instead, so we were in and out in less than an hour. We have just got in.

I guess we will be having some supper later. I did sandwiches  and cake before we went out, I know DB will need more to eat before we go to bed.

Yesterday in Morrison I was given a voucher for £5 which had to be used before 24th April, we left home a bit earlier and went back. I bought 4 more plants. We need to get them in the ground tomorrow and watered well.

Monday, 18 April 2016


DB off to the Drs to put in a script first thing, so we do not run out of medication whilst we are away.

Monday clean done and pulled together some bits and bobs for the trip. Also checked everything for the class on Thursday, its going to be a busy week.

DB has washed and polished the car, so its clean and bright for a change, it won't last long......... Depending on the traffic the journey should only take a couple of hours.

DB has an appointment for an MRI scan tomorrow at 5.20pm.....apparently they are trying to catch up so staff are working a shift system between 8am and 8pm. Just hope everything goes ok.

Wednesday we need to go and fuel up the car and do some shopping, Thursday is U3A day and also the quilting group, Friday we are off.

Load of towels in the washer now on the line, fingers crossed it dries, otherwise it will go through the dryer.

Its a dull but dry day, rather cloudy too. Not too cold.

We decided to go shopping when DB got up after his seista, so I now have all day Wednesday to bake and get the rest of the things ready for us to go away on Friday.

I did go into the garden and take a picture of the Crown Imperial.

Afraid I slipped again when we were in Morrison and bought two more plants, A hollyhock and a centeura. Will have to try and get them and some of the other plants in the ground before we go away.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunny Sunday

It has been another fine day, but on the chilly side. Laundry washed and dried on the line.

K came back before lunch to mortar in the holes from yesterday, he has taken the overbed table home to glue the joints.

Gammon cooked for supper, I have made soup with the liquor, it's cooling, will freeze it in two portions to take away with us. I have sorted out my clothes and they are in the bag.

Quiet day on the whole, sat reading whilst DB had his siesta, no gardening done, the ground is very wet. Just cooking the supper, gammon with mustard sauce. I will slice what's left of the gammon tomorrow, some of it will go with us for sandwiches. I defrosted some plums, so plum crumble for dessert tonight.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Jobs done

K arrived just after 10, and proceeded to install the outside tap, hooray, I no longer have to stagger around with watering cans, to water the garden, we can save the rain water for the acid hating plants we have. I asked him to take it out from the bathroom, as we cannot move the washer, its too heavy.  We can switch it off in the winter, he also retrieved the wooden spoon that disappeared down the side of the cooker and pinned a cable to the skirting board for me.

He took the bedside cabinet home with him, he will bring it back tomorrow all made up....he also has to sort out filling the holes he made for the pipes.

Forecast was for rain all day, no rain, sunny but very cold......might light the fire again after tea.

DB has gone off to bowls, its the open day when they invite people to come for a game and hopefully join the club, he will be home for his supper, so I need to prep it, liver and bacon.

No plans to do anything else, we have started putting stuff out for our trip, and I have the gammon joint out, will cook it tomorrow and we will have it for supper, I will slice it Monday and we will take some of it with us for sandwiches, along with some cheese and eggs. I need to make a carrot cake to take and also a ring of scone, so Thursday will be baking day.


Thursday will not be baking day, we have a U3A meeting in the morning and it's the quilt group in the afternoon. So we will go shopping and fill up the car with fuel Wednesday morning and I will bake Wenesday afternoon.

DB arrived home just before 4pm, it hailed, so they decided to give up. It was cold tonight, but I did not light the fire, wrapped myself in a fleece. Will put my leggings back on tomorrow, the warm weather has gone. The top of my legs were a delicate shade of light purple when I went for my slouch tonight.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Its wet.

Dull start to the morning, then it started to rain, so DB will not have to water the feed and weed in.

I have done the Friday clean, so all is sparking except the sink, which I will do after supper. Did you see OCC the other night, how that woman got the shine on that sink........ I can never get mine like that even using either baby oil or vegetable oil!!

DB is incarcerated in the kitchen doing his puzzle. He has a special board which he works on, it can be folded up ready for the next time, without loosing the bit he has completed. It sits on a chair in the sitting room till he is ready to do some more.

I have put the fleece blanket I have covering the seat of the settee in the wash, it was looking decidedly grubby, it dries quickly, so will get a 10 minute go in the drier.

I need to spend some more time at the embroidery machine, working through the book, some of the instructions are very different to my 12000's embroidery machine, this one is a dedicated embroidery machine not a sewing/ embroidery machine.

I was looking through my designs yesterday. Some time ago I cleared my USB sticks, I have deleted the design I used for the pillow cases, I have no idea where I got it from which is very frustrating. I really do not want to have to trawl through thousands of designs on the internet to find it. It may have been deleted anyway. I have an idea it might have been a free design, that makes it even worse.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight.

Now a little bit of garden drool..............

I am not a fan of tulips, but these are a very nice colour just a splash of pink in between the daffs.

You can see lots of stuff coming through although I seem to have lost the delphiniums, no sign of them coming through yet. One lupin has survived.

The plant stall at the market yesterday had some very healthy looking lupins. I might have to go and see what there is when we get back from our break.

Lists are out, two crates in the sewing room on the floor stuff is getting put in gradually. DB thinks I am nuts, but I always take the remoska, the steamer and the porringer with us plus 2 of my cooks knives and the spud peeler. Nothing worse than getting somewhere and finding duff kit.

I am so glad to see that Diet Coke Rocks has at last sold her house, they have had such a tough time, the first people the sale fell through and the second could not raise the finance. At least now they can go and look for a house closer to where her husband works, which will be so much better for all of them.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday - is Market Day

It was quite dull when we got up, I suggested that we go to Bingham today instead of tomorrow. By the time we were ready to go the sun was struggling to come out. The car park was very busy and when we went down to the bank to get some cash we could see why..... there was a market in the square. Quite small but 2 veg stalls, 2 fish van, the butchers van a couple of stalls of clothes and 2 plant stalls.

DB got brussels and sweetheart cabbage plants, I bought sweet peas and a new apple mint, our old one is looking very much worse for wear. We put in some books at the library and then came home.

Another time we can kill 3 birds in one trip, Library, market and Aldi, all the shopping in one hit.....can't be bad.

Once home, eggs on toast for lunch and then DB went for his siesta. I spent a couple of hours working through the instruction book to the new machine, I have cracked the needle threader, just have to work out how to save designs to the memory and I will be fit to go. I phoned to order the smallest hoop but its out of stock, no idea when they are getting it in again.....Hey ho.

Just coming up to supper time the sun is quite warm through the window. I have put 2 of the storage heaters off, just got the sitting room one on low and the small heater in the bed room, I think I will put that off as well. Hopefully the bill will be a bit less this next week.

We have a chap coming on Saturday to put in an outside tap and do a couple of jobs that Nick would have done for us....its at times like this I miss him so much, he would have been over, done the jobs and several other things as well. I doubt very much we will see his two youngest children, their mother is very hostile. She sent me a vile email after the funeral. Enough.....

Mince and dough balls for supper no doubt DB will mash his carrots into the mince as well, nursery food. 

Just starting to pull the stuff together for next week, a few days away, this time next week the car should be packed ready for the off.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Nearly Friday, where has the week gone?

Sun shining when we got up, DB has spent most of the day in the garden. I helped him move the arch and he has planted the roses., so I just have to tie them in.

The arch in its new situation with the roses, will tie them in tomorrow.

I forgot I had planted this  Crown Imperial Lily, it is going to be yellow, should open later in the week. They are beautiful flowers but stink, not a bit like the other lilies I grow.

After lunch the postman came with the stuff I had ordered, so had a little play on the machine. I had a problem with thread breakage, I think it needs a week in the freezer. It has probably dried out.

This was what I sewed out, its still in the hoop, just a simple design, will be tacking some more difficult ones later. I have to load them onto the machine from the USB stick.

This morning I spent some time in the sewing room, I have found a table runner I made at least a year ago. I had started to embroider on it, cannot remember what thread I used. Have done the middle strip and sides, need to do the top and bottom sashing and bind it. 

Our front door bell has had it I cannot get it open to put a new battery in...ggrrrrr not a happy lady. If I am in the kitchen I cannot hear if anyone knocks on the front door, annoying.

Herb fritatta tonight have made a salad, we will have banana for dessert. I still have not cooked the mince. MUST do it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Clinic Day

We went to Aldi on the way to the pacemaker clinic, as usual the hospital car park was full, so I went in whilst DB waited to park. I was taken straight away and out 10 minutes later. DB told me that a lady had given him a ticket in the car park with over an hour left on it, so he did not have to pay £1.50. We passed it on when we left there was still 70 minutes left on it.

Check went fine, very pleased and back in 6 months. I just do not understand why considering the cardiac nurse had put the bracelets on me ready for admission just 7 weeks ago. Hey ho.....

When I got home there was a note through the door to say that flowers for me had been left at No 12. I was puzzled, it was not my birthday, this is what I found inside.

They were from someone I had sent a parcel to as a house warming present, very unexpected,

It was raining when we got up, it has cleared now, but the ground
is very wet. No gardening today.

The rain dried up after lunch, DB went for his siesta and then did some of his jigsaw. I am patiently waiting for supplies to come through so I can try out the embroidery machine. I though they might be here today, better luck tomorrow.

Monday, 11 April 2016

First day of the week

Another fine day, a bit warmer but not so much sun.

DB spent the morning in the garden. I did the Monday clean and put the Dyson over the sitting room carpet and also the kitchen floor.

Sliced the lamb from yesterday 3 portions, one for tonight 2 in the freezer. Also sliced the loaf I made yesterday, put it on trays in the freezer for half an hour and then bagged it up. The slices are just hard enough so the do not 'ice together' and its easy to get 4 slices out rather then defrosting the whole load and then having it go off or stale.

Hospital tomorrow for my pacemaker check, still no appointments for my echo and MRI scan. Its 7 weeks on Wednesday since I was at the hospital, what ever is going on cannot be very serious, despite what the cardiac nurse intimated...... DB has not heard about his either.

The bottom of the garden nearest the house, looks better without the laundry dancing on the line.

Checked the clematis and they all seems to be putting up new growth, so thats good.

Not sure if you can see it, I finished putting the arch together, I think it needs to go further to the right before we put the roses in the ground and tie them in.

I need to spend another hour or so in the sewing room, still some bits lying around. I still cannot work out where to put the button holes on the back of the cushion cover, its driving me nuts, just cannot work it out. I need to sit and think about it again.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunny Sunday

Another glorious day sunshine, sunshine sunshine.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed. DB got up and disappeared into the garden to finish off trimming back the edge of the lawn.

Once I made it out of bed I put the washer on, if its fine and I have a load on it goes. Then breadmaker on, apple out of the freezer for an apple and blackberry crumble. Veggies prepared for supper, will sort the meat on a little while. The laundry is blowing well on the line.

Lunch, the last of yesterdays leek and lentil soup with the last of the HM loaf, I finished off the oranges in jelly, just enough. DB had his usual yogurt.

I need to get my head down and sort out what we are taking food wise when we go away. I want to take as much frozen as I can so its just a case of defrosting and  heating.

The white double daff

Yellow double daff

Tulips by the front door.

Top part of the back garden looking towards the fruit bed and the rhubarb coming through, sorry about the shadow of the laundry.

I decided to sort out the arch for the garden, the roses are climbing out of their pots!! have part made 2 sides, then came in to get the lunch, might go out and finish it later.

DB will be going for his siesta shortly. I will sit and finish the hand quilting on the cushion cover and may be do a bit more prep for the meeting. I need to work button holes in the piece for the back of the cushion.

Its back to Monday tomorrow................

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bitty Day

It had obviously been raining when we drew back the curtains, but by 10am the sun was out although the wind is cold.

I had an appointment with my sewing room to clear away the mess from yesterday and find somewhere to put everything. My DD2 gave me some Ferrera Rocher chocolate a few weeks ago, the container they were in just takes the bits and bobs for the new machine, I could do with another one, wonder who I can persuade to buy me some??!!

The fabric from the quilt blocks has been put back in the boxes, also cleared out a set of drawers, was most surprised to find some stabilizer in the bottom along with some bits that I did on the 12000 including a lovely feathered quilt block. Unfortunately the design is not on the new machine. Fingers crossed it might come in the quilt package that rumours say will come out later this year.

DB went out into the garden, he was tidying the edge of the grass he cut after supper last night. The tulips in the pot by the front door have come out, pale yellow with a darker centre. Very pretty, I do not remember buying any white daffs, but we have several double white ones coming out.

Cauli and Brocc gratin tonight, no tomato's to roast with the spuds, will have to think of something else.

I was shocked and astounded yesterday to hear on the news that a very popular couple of presenters from Radio Leicester are due in court on Monday on child sex charges. I must admit I do not listen to Radio Leicester except when I am in the car. I was surprised that the male presenter was not presenting his usual show. It appears they were suspended in December.

DB has gone for his siesta. I need to complete the hand quilting I started at the group last week, need to show them how to put the cushion together. Also they are asking for a demo of stitch in the ditch quilting and scribble, so need to get the stuff ready for that as well. Next week will be busy getting ready for our trip.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Breakfast in bed again, did not hear the alarm go off. Got up and started the Friday clean. I wanted to get it done, I was expecting 2 deliveries and, as the bell has stopped working for some reason, I wanted to be able to hear the knocker.

One parcel arrived just after 10 30, the other just as I was getting lunch, so all safely gathered in.

This is what was in the first rather large box. A Janome 500E embroidery machine. This is an embroidery only machine and is adjacent to my sewing machine so I can sew but also have the second machine embroidering at the same time. I am so lucky that DB allowed me to get it. When I sold the 12000 I did not expect to miss the embroidery so much. This is a new model which was released last December.

I need to play with it, the soft ware is different and it has a lot more designs built in. I can also load designs using the USB outlet on the machine. No foot control, just a start and stop button.

The second box contained my sewing machine back from being serviced and getting a couple of things sorted, including the needle threader.

Finished off the Friday clean by using the steamer on the kitchen floor, very mucky cloth again.

DB spent the morning in the garden potting on and sowing seeds, I now have to plant trays on the sitting room window cill.

Nothing planned for this weekend except maybe sitting and reading through the instruction book for the machine and trimming more of my blocks. I have a sort of plan in my mind of may be embroidering on the plain blocks of the quilt. Will think about it.

Its a fine day, keeps clouding over DB said it was very cold in the garden when the sun was not shining.

Fish and swedges for supper tonight. I did a bowl of ornaged in jelly, should last us for dessert two nights.

Thursday, 7 April 2016


I have had a very frustrating day. I have been trying to open some files I have down loaded. They are zipped and no way can I open them. Not very happy.

We have had showers all day, when its not raining its fine and sunny but very cold.

Chap came to give us a quote for putting an outside tap in and a couple of small jobs that Nicholas would usually have done for us. He is coming a week on Saturday to put the tap in..

DB has spent most of the morning in the garden, the shrubs I bought have all been put in and well watered, they have to grow now. He is off to the garden club tonight for an hour or so.

My sewing machine is on its way home, DD phoned this morning to let me know how much it cost, they had to do a couple of bits so it came to £130, but the machine has been serviced as well. I should get it tomorrow.

The kitchen floor is filthy, I will have to give it a go with the Dyson and then use the steamer on it. Friday clean will be heavy tomorrow.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Weird Weather

It had obviously been raining when we got up, but it was fine, so I put the last lot of laundry in the washer and set it going. Just afterwards the heavens opened and it slung it down, 10 minutes later the sun was out again. When the washer finished I put it on the line and we went off to the coffee morning at the chapel round the corner. Not so many of us there. Richard and Joy are away doing a holiday club in Dorset and Joan who usually makes the tea and coffee is laid up with a nasty cold.

There was plenty of chat going on. DB pointed to the window just before 12, a nasty black cloud on the horizon, so a quick nip home. The wind had been so strong it had blown a pair of trousers off the line, they had twinned themselves round the clothes post. As I was darting about taking the stuff on the line, it started to hail.......I managed in the back door before the worst hit us. 15 minutes later the sun was out!! I have put the laundry on the airer, most of it was dry, just needs finishing off. Just now you would never know it was hailing like the devil was after it just over an hour ago.

No plans for the afternoon, think I am going to slob out with a book for a while. DB is having his siesta.

The rest of the week is free, so I am going to start trimming down the blocks for my quilt, will be trimming them down to 10 1/2". DB will be hoping to do more in the garden. Friday I need to put the steamer on the kitchen floor again when I do the Friday clean.

Fritatta and salad for supper tonight, can get everything ready to cook later.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

More laundry

A load of light coloureds and a few white bits now dancing on the line in the wind.

Its fine, blue sky, but a lot colder than it has been. I still have the storage rads on in the hall, kitchen and sitting room, we have not lit the fire in the evenings for over a week.

DB out planting potato's, he came in to get his feet done and then went out again. 

Last night I decided to use the second ball of wool to  make the scarf twice as long, so I had to undo the cast off row, not easy with fluffy yarn. we made it eventually with a few well chosen curses.

I have to square up the blocks for the quilt, make sure that are all the same size, ready to be joined to the plain ones I have not yet cut out, I also have to cut out the top and side triangles.

DB is having his siesta, I have a book I want to finish, so signing off for now.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Rain? what Rain?

DB said yesterday that it was going to rain all day today....hence the bed change yesterday.

It was damp and had obviously been raining when we got up, but nothing since. Before lunch I put the towels in and they are almost dry, not a spot of rain.

DB spent the morning in the kitchen potting on some of his veg and tomato plants. I gave him an old plastic table cloth to put over the table, should have put one on the floor as well, The lovely rug that I cleaned the other weekend needs doing again.

I did the Monday clean and then started off leek and potato soup for lunch. DD2 arrived just before 11am, so we had a nice time chatting and drinking tea.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, DD2 went for her bus just before 2pm and as I was waiting for the couriers to collect my machine DB went to the library van. The courier came so I nipped out to the van as well and chose some more books.

After a cup of tea, DB went out into the garden. I undid a block that I had managed to sew wrong and once it was pressed I carried on and ironed the laundry from yesterday.

Supper tonight is the supper we should have had last night, so I just have to cook it.

It has been another lovely day once the cloud cleared, there is a cold wind, its what I call bracing out in the garden.

Tomorrow should be a bit quieter, we have the chiropodist coming in the morning and thats it.

Lots of things are now putting their heads up above the parapet, there is a lupin and also I saw the first signs of the peony. There are quite a lot of tulips in bud, cannot remember what colour they are, so it will be a surprise when they do come out. Have more shrubs to put in, I might just do an hour in the garden tomorrow, there is a bit of pruning to do before things get out of hand. I also saw one of the climbing roses has aphids, so washing up liquid in water and a good spray should see them gone.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Manic Sunday!!

Woke just after 8am so Sunday breakfast in bed as usual, up and dressed before 9am. We have busy day ahead.

The sun was shining, so as DB said it was going to rain all day tomorrow I stripped the bed, everything washed and now on the line, it should dry.

DB has spent an hour in the garden putting the hedging plants in between us and our neighbour. I finished off the blocks for the quilt. I will have to put them on the floor in the sewing room to photograph them, and then decide which block is going where. Some of them need a slight trim.

We have to go and take the 48 hour monitor back, on the way I want to call at Lidl. Yesterday they had some leggings in, I have always had a problem with circulation in my legs and feet, so decided to buy a pair. Put them on under my trousers when I got home, hey presto warm legs and feet. I want to go and see if they have any left. After we have returned the monitor we are going on to my quilting friends for tea and cake. She and I will put the world to rights whilst DB sits in the conservatory and reads.

I have prepped the veg etc for supper, so it will not take me long to get it on once we get back. I will be ready for a rest!!


We are back. I was lucky and got 3 more pairs of leggings. Monitor returned. Lovely visit with my quilty friend, she had made a plate of smoked salmon sandwiches for us, with brownies and a cup of tea.

Its been a lovely day, the laundry was dry and smelling so sweet. Just finished off yesterdays quiche, tonights supper will be eaten tomorrow, we are still full from the sandwiches!!.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Yucky morning better afternoon.

It was raining when we got up. DB had to be at the dentist for 9.45am we parked at Lidl for free, I needed to get some flowers for my quilting friend, we are going to see her tomorrow. DB walked round to the dentist. I went into the shop, 2 bunches of daffs and one of tulips. I have made up a mixed bouquet for her. I have a bunch of the daffs in the sitting room.

DB was ages at the dentist, I wondered what had happened to I walked round to see, he had just come out, apparently the dentist had a job getting it out, the tooth had broken very close to the gum. He was also late going in.

The rain was beginning to clear as we drove home through the daffodil lanes.......DB had soup and bread for his lunch and then went for his siesta. 

The weather has cleared and its a really nice afternoon. I managed to get 3 blocks done, just have 3 left, will try and do them in the morning before we go to take DBs monitor back.

Quiche and salad for supper, I need to make the quiche, have a ready made pastry case, just have to sort the filling and cook it.


Made the quiche, the case must have been split, as most of it leaked into the tin, which made it difficult to get out, it was very tasty though. I was exhausted and unknown for me, went to lie on the bed. DB woke me at 6pm for supper.

It has turned into a very pleasant evening, the sun is shining. DB did a bit in the garden whilst I was asleep. His mouth seems to be ok, I am making sure he is taking medication for any pain, he has to take it for 24 hours.

Friday, 1 April 2016

We have been on a world tour

Well it felt like it anyway....... DB went for his INR and to beg and plead for his cholesterol medication, he did not have enough left for the weekend. We worked back from the time that DB had to be at the hospital to get his monitor. Decided to take a flask and sandwiches with us. First stop The jewellers in Anstey to see if we could get the barometer mended. Wilkinson next to swap the arch, hope this one is better!! DB got 2 more raspberry plants. We sat in the car for half an hour and ate our cheese and tomato sarnies and had a drink of tea. We then went to the hospital.

Parking machine was not working, so we had to hunt to find one that was; £1.50 for an hour, we were out within 30 minutes wonder they made millions last year from the car parks.Set off up the A46 to Bingham, one of the books I got from the library was due back tomorrow, DB is getting a tooth out, so we had not choice but to go today. Then home, but a stop off on the way for afternoon tea at the Dove Cottage Hospice tea room for coffee cake and a pot of tea. I have to shame facedly admit that some crystal made its way home with us. There was some very nice silver plate there as well, but I resisted.

We have spent 3 days trying to de gunk the shelf and tray to the micro wave, they are both looking better, but the tray could do with a bit more work. I have some bicarb, I am going to try bicarb and vinegar on the inside of the microwave and see if I can get some gunk off it.

DB dropped me at home and then went off to collect his medication. I must say the staff at our local practice are brilliant and go the extra mile to help. I am so pleased we changed.

I did manage to get the Friday clean partly done before we went will do the kitchen floor either tomorrow or Sunday.

Dentist tomorrow with DB to get his tooth out, the dentist is going to put a stich in so it does not bleed.

I am shattered...........