Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Wet miserable day. DB put the alarm off this morning and we both went back to sleep, so 9am before we got our feet on the floor. Nothing spoiling so thats ok. I have the tomato sauce for the meatballs on the stove, will just have to cook the spaghetti later.

I sewed together the test block for the quilt. I am going to have to be careful, one of the pieces is short.

This is not the colour I hope to do it in, it needs stronger colours. I have sorted out some fabric, 27 lots, I need 36, so will have to go through my stash again, I do not want to have to buy fabric except for the background.

It started raining last night before we went to bed, it has rained on and off all morning. No plans to go out. DB will have to walk down to the post office in the morning and get the TV Choice so he can map out what he wants to watch next week.

I forgot to close down the sitting room heater last night, its a good job I laid the fire a couple of days ago, I think we might need it tonight. The coal and wood are steadily diminishing. I might have to buy a couple of bags of coal just in case.

Not a lot else going on. Expecting the freezer to be brought from my sons at the weekend.

I am a bit bothered about getting re-admitted into hospital at short notice. I have decided to cook stuff for 2 weeks meals and put them in the freezer just in case. At least then I will not have to worry about DB eating. I would hate to find out he had been living on toast or something. I do have a couple of single servings of stuff anyway. Has any body ever frozen dumpling? does it come out ok?

Time to go,  the timer is calling  me into the kitchen..............


  1. I hope you don't have to go into hospital.
    Yes I have frozen dumplings and they seem to come out fine. I either put them in with a portion of stew ready for reheating if freezing leftovers or I cook a batch in the microwave and open freeze them and bag them up-x-

  2. I, too, hope you're not admitted to the hospital and that you're home to enjoy the many pre-cooked meals you plan to prepare.

    It's time for me to request you send some of your rain this way, please and ta.

    My quilt blocks ofter come out with one or more edges too short, no matter the care I take in cutting and sewing. I put a pin in the short side and be sure to use a more narrow seam allowance when I come to the reminder pin. So far, it's never been such a drastic difference that the seam allowance wasn't still safely wide enough.

    It's sunny and 80*F here.


  3. What colours do you have in mind for your new quilt, in case anyone has some in their own stash?

  4. hope all goes well with the medical issues and you can avoid a hospital stay x


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