Thursday, 10 March 2016

What happened to the sun???

The weather was supposed to be better today, its very cloudy and the ground has not dried up at all.

The laundry had to go in the dryer, its on the airer now. I also washed 3 cardigans and a jumper. Had not used the wool wash on my machine before, its made a really good job of them, nice and clean. I had managed to spill tomato sauce on my jumper, its come out no bother. I really love Aldi's concentrated washing liquid, it works well and smells lovely.

Bacon and lentil soup made for lunch, I cut the loaf I made yesterday, so nice crusty bread with it. Have also cleaned out the fire and re set it. I had to light it after supper yesterday, it went very cold.

Once DB gets up from his siesta we are going to nip into town, have a couple of things I want and we have books to go back to the library. Its not open, but there are boxes on the letter box so you can return books. He just has to go to the surgery tomorrow for his INR, I can stay at home and potter.

DB spent the morning in the shed. He brought the Polti steamer in for me, my new iron came today, I need to have a play with it either later or tomorrow. I did another test block for my quilt slightly bigger, it looks better, so I will continue, I can use up some of the 5" squares I cut up when I was clearing the bits and strips box. Not sure how many blocks I will need.

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