Sunday, 20 March 2016

What a difference a day makes>>>>>>>>>>>>

It was cloudy and quite a bit of mist when we woke up, by 10am the sun was out and has stayed out.

Stripped the bed, the linen is drying on the line.

DB went out into the garden, he was planting some shallots under the small poly tunnel. They are for my quilting friend. She loves shallots but can no longer see enough to grow them herself.

Danger....DB at work!!

I decided to put the metal arch up, bad decision, got it all together and then discovered that one of the poles is wrong and could not fix the thing together. Took it to bits and tried luck, abandoned it, I have taken a picture of the two bits will take the I pad to Wilkinson and see what they have to say.

Whilst I was in the garden, the birds were chirruping away. Our neighbours keep hens for the children to look after, there was quite a bit of clucking going on too, so I guess someone has an egg for breakfast tomorrow. For once there were no dogs barking, it was very peaceful.

Apart from the farm traffic our village is quite peaceful and rather sleepy at times. we are right in the Vale of Belvior, as you turn off the top road to come down Pasture Lane the view are magnificent, you can see right across the vale on a clear sunny day. Its a view I will never tire of. One of these days I might make it with the camera in hand. Many of the roads have hedges and trees lining them, quite a few are beginning to come out, we will no longer be able to see the sneaky views of cottages that are usually hidden by the trees. One local farmer has been out and cut and shaped the hedges round his fields, He does not cut the tops flat but cuts a very pleasant slope on them.

If you walk down The Green you can hear the blacksmiths hammer ringing on his anvil. Yes we do have a blacksmith and his smithy is under a massive chestnut tree. He no longer shoes horses, there is a mobile farrier who comes round to the three lots of stables we have in the village. Our blacksmith makes decorative iron work, gates etc. Quite a few of the older houses in the village have gates which he has either made or repaired.

I have prepped the veg for supper. We are going to have some of the loin of pork I cooked sliced and froze a few weeks ago, so a quick supper. I have half a strudel, that will be dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to put my feet up with a book for half an hour.


  1. What a beautiful description of your village. It sounds idyllic!

  2. It sounds as if you and DB had a lovely Sunday with the weather fine for all sorts of tasks to be accomplished.

    Your description of your tranquil surroundings with the serene views and the tranquil sounds of the smithy, the birds, and the chickens do paint a wonderful word picture. I'm so very glad that the perfect bungalow for you two is right where it is!


  3. you create a lovely vision of your village. May I ask a favour? You seem very methodical and organised would it be possible to give me an idea of how you organise your household week? Thank you for your blog. Su

    1. Su, if you send me your email address, which I will not publish, I will send you an email with the info on you are asking for.

  4. It sounds like a beautiful, peaceful place.

  5. How kind of you and DB to grow shallots for your friend. That is such a lovely gesture. Your description of your village is just beautiful. It made me yearn to see England even more. I especially enjoy the little detail about how the farmer shaped the hedgerows. Thank you!

  6. Hi What a enjoyable read your post is I love to read your
    descriptions of were you live it sound beautiful as others have
    said . all the best to you


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