Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What an awful start to the day

News of the bombing  in Brussels airport and the metro was the first thing I saw on TV this morning. How horrible for the people of Belgium and the families of those who died and who are injured.  
I am so horrified I just cannot put it into words.

DB spent time in the front garden cutting the edges of the lawn on one side. I was in the sewing room, did another couple of blocks whilst I waited for the towels and bath mats to finish washing. They have more or less dried on the line.

It was my intention to walk up to the canal this afternoon but I fell asleep on the settee. The canal ran originally from Grantham to West Bridgeford, on the outskirts of Nottingham. It has been silted up for many years. There has been some work done on the canal, but at present it is still un navigable from Grantham, it is hoped eventually to be able to cruise along as far as where the canal
joins the river Trent. It runs at the bottom of the fields of the farms at the back of us and is a haven for wild life. You can walk along the towpath as far as Long Clawson and catch the bus back to Hose.

DB has a bowls meeting tonight, I can choose what to watch on TV for a change.

Towels are airing before being put away. Supper has been prepped, we will have it a bit earlier tonight.

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