Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Washing drrried on the line Yay!!

Put the laundry out after breakfast, we had a slight shower, but the stuff mostly dried. It will be Thursday before the next lot goes out, its to rain tomorrow.

Had an awful facebook message from one of my grand sons, I was very hurt, then got mad. I have blocked him from posting. I can do without him piping up.

Spent the morning in the kitchen, I have cooked some belly pork in a sauce for tonight supper and I have enough for another supper in the freezer.

I have decided to make another quilt for our bed. I love the one we are using just now, its been on the bed ever since I made it 15 years ago, apart from Christmas, when I put the Christmas quilt on. I spent the afternoon playing with blocks. I think I am going to use the Ohio Star block, in fairly strong colours interspersed with plain blocks. It will take me some time to make it, but should use up some of my stash. Its time I started sewing again.

DB spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning. 

I did the the ironing from yesterday and discovered that my iron is leaking and leaving nasty marks on my linen. I have a Polti Vaporetto steamer, found an iron on the internet which I can use with it, so the old one will just be used for dry ironing.

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