Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Today was a good day, tomorrow might not be!!

DB got his stitches out, his elbow has healed quite well, but he still have to be careful. The Nurse got another piece of splinter from his finger, he has to go back on Thursday to have it redressed. All the anti biotics they wanted to give him he is allergic to.

Whilst he was gone, I did the Monday clean and shoved the dyson all round the floors. Loaf of bread made, leek and lentil soup for lunch and also did the gratin for tonight supper.

Have been messing about with a block for another workshop this afternoon, so far have managed to stuff up two blocks both of which I have made before. I have given up.

Chapel coffee morning tomorrow, we will nip round for an hour or so.

Its been fine for most of the day, it had rained during the night, rain expected fro tomorrow, so no laundry to be done until tomorrow night, Thursday is supposed to be a better day.

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