Saturday, 5 March 2016

Today? Hailstones

Breakfast in bed again, DB was not feeling too clever, I looked at the medication he is taking, and told him to stop taking it. He has not had a dizzy for ages, and he was dizzy but different from usual, he went to bed for an hour, up for lunch and then back again.

Supper prepped, liver and bacon.

The weather has been weird all day, sunny with blue sky, then sleet turning to snow, later we had heavy hailstones and snow again.

Spent the afternoon watching recorded programmes. Guess we will be doing the same this evening, the TV is dire.

Sunset over the roofs tonight. It was actually much redder than the photo shows.


  1. Sorry that DB's med has caused the unwanted and unwelcome side effect of dizziness. Bother to the max. Am glad this didn't happen on a lovely day when you two had plans.

    Perhaps you can do as you please on this day when outdoors weather is cold and messy, to sew, knit, or read, as you watch the recorded programs.

    It's chilly here today but most days in the coming two weeks are forecast to be warm and that will be a delight.

    Today I'll be sewing diagonal star block rows together unless I stick my nose into a book!


  2. That sunset looks amazing! Sorry to read your DB is not so good; hopefully your intervention will help him feel better.
    Hugs for tomorrow - when it's done you can move a little way along that path to getting a year of dates behind you.
    Best wishes,
    Floss xx


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