Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Freezer Has Landed

Wild and wet morning. DB wanted wire for the raspberry canes and some garden lime so we went off to Bingham. We have joined the library there, as we will be going to Aldi, it made sense, especially as the parking there is free.....Melton Borough Council take note...

Just got home when the phone rang DD1 We are on our way over with the freezer....20 minutes later it was in the second bedroom. It needs a good wash out, I will do it in the morning before I switch it back on. Plan to will fill it with bread and milk for the time being, eventually it will be for the produce from the garden.

DB is having his siesta, I am going to read for a while and may then do some more sewing depends on how I feel.

My ex was at the hospital last week, he has to inject himself with insulin. His diabetes is out of control. He could do with loosing some weight too.

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