Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The excitement is mounting!!

I know I am sad, but tomorrow Aldi opens its new store in Bingham, just 7 miles from us. 20 miles less distance to travel to the shop at Grantham.

DB had an appointment at the dentist, he broke a tooth a few weeks ago, its going to have to come out. He has been advised not to have a denture but a bridge at a cost of £600!!! My God I nearly fainted. The answer is no......I think I need to get him to the techie who made my last bridge and see what he says. DB has to go tomorrow at 2pm to get it out. Fingers crossed it does not bleed. Its not a very big tooth unlike the one that caused a trip to the hospital at 10pm at night to get the cavity stitched.

Nipped into Lidl for a couple of things, ended up spending £15 for very little. I could not believe their cauliflowers were £1. Forget that I will eat cabbage at 60p. Will see what Aldi is asking tomorrow.

Waiting for the chap to come and service my Dyson, I really hope its not terminal, I know I have had it a long while, and its heavy, but I no longer have to carry it upstairs, it lives in the cupboard in the hall.

DB has gone for his siesta, I could do with one too, but need to stay awake for the Dyson chap.

Its quite a dull day, no sun, but not as cold as it has been, so maybe good temperatures will soon be on their way. I hate gardening all trussed up in coats, hats and gloves.

Conversation over lunch about when to put the potatoes in. I suggested putting them in the week before we go away, fingers crossed that it might rain, then if they have grown we can earth them up when we get back. Just now thats favourite, watch this space.

Its several days since I last lit the fire, the weather seems to have improved since we had the two bags of coal put in the coal shed. Oh well a start for next winter?

Had a call from DD2 last night she is still suffering with her back, the Dr. has put her on steroids again, she is not happy, she has only just got rid of the weight from the last lot she had.

No new about the freezer coming home. Ex may phone on Friday, will just have to wait and see. Ex tells me my eldest son is working in Melton........selling Land Rovers. Hey Ho not expecting to hear from him anyway.

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