Sunday, 27 March 2016

Technology Stinks.....

My Ipad seems to have gone up the swanee. I switched it on this morning and it was fine. Shut it down it was showing a 53% charge in the battery. Put it on again at lunchtime came on and went straight off again, no way can I get it to start up. Grrrrrrr I down loaded a new update, it appears that there was a problem with it, not sure if its that affecting it. Looks like a visit to the Apple shop in the Haymarket which means a trip into Leicester AArrgghhhh.

It was a sunny morning, rain is forecast and we have clouds scudding over, so I guess its on its way. We still have very high winds, the daffs are suffering.

I washed out the freezer, by the way it is not a new freezer. I bought it when we lived in Scotland, when we came back to Melton I did not have room for it, so Nick borrowed it. I think his daughter was looking at selling it, till I reminded her it was not hers to sell. My ex collected it yesterday and brought it back here. I switched it on and its freezing up nicely. Will be transferring some stuff over later.

My ex said he was having problems with Grand daughter, she wants everything her way, and will not listen to anyone else. That's exactly how she was over Nicks funeral, her way or shift out. My ex is getting really fed up with her. I know its over money, she just cannot wait to get her hands on it and spend it. Great plans to buy a car, she cannot drive, has not got a job, does she think the cash is going to keep her forever? Well it wont.

Have chicken to cook for supper tonight, veggies done, just have to sort the chicken for cooking.

DB is having his siesta, he has finished the jig saw he was working on, 2 bits missing, so he has marked the box. I am about to go through and sew another couple of blocks for the quilt top.

Bye for now.

Update, I pad is okish I got advice from a geek on one of the boards, his phone did the same thing last week. Something to do with an update that we loaded.

I have done 3 more blocks for the quilt I have done 18 so far I need 56 mixture of patterned and plain. I am going to have to look for fabric to do more patterned blocks I need approx 28 for the quilt top, I will have to have another rout through my fabric stash see what I can find. I need strips approx 16 inches by 5 1/2 inches. I will lay out the ones I have done and see what I can put with them. I need to cut some 11 1/2 squares for the plain blocks.

DB had a slight dizzy this afternoon, the first one he has had for ages, so long ago I cannot really remember when it was. 

The chicken is in, DB has a programme he wants to watch later.

I hope you have all had a good Easter Sunday, the rain did not arrive, it went very dark for a while, but no rain, the sun is shining now.

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