Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some people have no thought for others

I am not a happy bunny, in fact I am fuming. My ex phoned at 9am to say that he could not get the  key to my sons house to fetch the freezer. 

Someone who has no right to have the key, had gone up to Bradford or somewhere, they have the key. So 3 peoples weekend ruined.

I am really cross with my Grand daughter, she knew her Grand dad was going today to collect the freezer why did she not get the key back. She is so selfish and controlling. I think if she could she would control when the b****y sun shone!!

I did get my breakfast in bed. Since I have been up I have put one quilt through the washer, its now hanging on the line, guess I may have to finish it off over the airer. Also baked scones and brownies and set the table for lunch.  Cleaned out and reset the fire. Going to sit down for a bit. Oh I forgot, helped DB move and replant the apple tree, I also pruned it, we need a proper tree stake for it.

DB has spent most of the morning pottering in the garden, no falls today. I have decided that we need to have the path and the shed step redone. More expense, we will have to pay for it ourselves, so will have to get a couple of quotes.

The quilt has dried and is now on the back of the settee where it has been for the last few years. One way of keeping a cream settee clean.

I have spent a couple of hours working on the blocks for our new bed quilt, still have not found the pieces from yesterday, hope I have not thrown them away!!

Its been a lovely sunny day, not as cold as it has been recently, quite pleasant in the sun.

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