Sunday, 13 March 2016

Slow Start Sunday

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.  On Saturday I open a tin of pineapple and a tin or mandarin oranges and mix them together, leave them in the fridge overnight. Sunday morning I fill two coupe glasses with the mixture and half the juice, the rest goes in a container in the freezer and we have it the next Sunday. Croissant from the freezer go in the oven for 10 minutes, we have them with jam and 2 mugs of coffee. 

DB used to say he did not like eating in bed, but he has got very used to it now, waits for me to get up and get it for him. I cannot complain, he brings me breakfast in bed some days during the week.

It was sunny when we woke, but whilst we were having breakfast the mist came down, the sun has just broken through now.

I marked the  line post where I needed it cutting and also marked the vee for the washing line to go in. DB sawed it and we tried it on the line, magic, then painted it with wood preserver.

I prepped the veg for supper. I seem to be loosing my touch with yorkshire puddings, I used to be able to make really crisp, high risen ones. Today they have hardly risen out of the tin. I did make sure the dripping was smoking before I put the mixture in and the oven was hot as well. Hmmmmm  might have to practice a bit!!

I still have not found the bits of the block I did on Friday, no idea where they have gone. I have looked everywhere.......I am motoring on cutting the bits and laying them out in a stack, so I can sew them one after another, not sure how many are on the table just now, but to prevent the naughty elf from taking any more I put the revolving cutting mat on top of them when I finish for the day.

We watched Crufts last night on TV. I do miss having a dog, but whilst we were working it was not fair, we were both out all day. Now we are retired we do not feel we can justify the expense, especially as it looks as if G.O. is going to raise the tax we pay on insurance premiums. In this day and age it is essential to have insurance, if anything goes wrong it costs a bomb for it to be put right, especially if surgery is involved.

Time to get some lunch, the bread maker is on, the loaf I made the other day we will finish at lunch, I will slice the new loaf when its cold tomorrow and as usual open freeze the slices before bagging it and leaving it in the freezer till we need it.

That which was lost is found. Something made me lift up the cutting mat on the small table and bingo!! there it was.

Second picture is the miniature daffs in the front garden. Once they have finished flowering they will go into tubs for next spring.

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