Friday, 4 March 2016

Sleet, snow sleet

Another sunny morning that has deteriorated into sleet, then snow and then more sleet.

Breakfast in bed, did not get up until 10am.

I am thankful we do not have to go out. The kitchen got a deep clean this morning, the floor was filthy, cupboards wiped out etc. Will not need doing again for some time.

DB potted up some bulbs we found in the shed in pots of 5 should make some decent clumps once they settle in. The little tete a tete daffs at the front are quite pretty. Once they have finished flowering I will dig them up and use them in containers for another year. Looking forward, hoping we will get some better weather soon.

I cancelled the delectable Mountains workshop yesterday, just 4 people were coming which is just not economically viable. I have made up my mind I will not be going any more workshops and at the end of the year, the ladies should be confident enough to work on their own so will turn it into a meeting to sew together. I may do occasional demos, or a block in the group meeting but thats it. DB wants me to give it up completely, but I do enjoy time with the ladies. Unless there is a marked deterioration in my health I will carry on for now.

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