Thursday, 24 March 2016

Oh Dear It's TerminalThe

The Dyson that is. Very nice young man took the cleaner to bits, rescued a pencil that got sooked up some time ago. The motor is on its way out. I have bitten the bullet and bought a new one. After all it is 13 years since I got it. The old one has been put back together again, when the motor finally goes it will go to the tip. I did not have to pay for the service. New one should be here either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Was woken by a phone call at 7.15 to say the Dyson would be delivered today. We went to Aldi, leaving a note on the door in case the delivery man came. In the event, we had just finished lunch when the phone rang again, delivery between 12.20 and 1.20, door bell went, New Dyson.

It was very well packed and took us ages to get it out of the box, then came the puzzle of putting it together. Its very different to the old one. Eventually with the aid of a video on You Tube I managed to get all the bits in the right place, switched it on and away we went. Have the body rotating on a ball was quite new, I managed not too bad. The kitchen floor was a real mess so I have cleaned it up, all bits picked up, just need to give it a good mop in the morning. The new Dyson is in the cupboard, the old one in the back bedroom, will use it on the carpet in there till its finally packs up.

The runner in the kitchen is a bit grubby, so I am going to use the steam cleaner on it tomorrow, see if I can get the muck off.

Another dull day, it was spitting with rain earlier but does not seem to have come to much.

We were expecting Aldi to be busier than it was, all the shopping done, they had a rolled shoulder of lamb, its tucked away in the freezer, we will have it for supper one Sunday. Their caulis were 87p but very small so I have a savoy cabbage instead.

The beef and bean casserole I cooked last night was delicious. I have some gravy left which I will use as stock for some soup. Tonight supper is macaroni cheese with jacket spud and celery and tomato salad.

DB is having his siesta. I have some bits and bobs to do on the laptop, so better go and get on with them.

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