Monday, 21 March 2016

No Sun but Plenty of Wind

After a glorious day yesterday we are back to grey skies and wind. I am not grumbling I have managed to get a second load of laundry dried today.

DB has been 'messing about in the garden', he has mown both the front and back lawns, so it all looks a bit more presentable.

What remained of the Monday clean done, then spent an hour in the sewing room ironing the bedding from yesterday. I do not iron a lot of things, but I do so love to get into a bed with freshly washed sheets, well ironed. I also sorted out a few more blocks for the quilt. I need to work out how many I need of the Ohio Star, the rest will be plain.

Made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, we had it with some of the bread I baked yesterday. Scotch pies tonight, they are better if they are defrosted before you heat them up, so they are sitting in a tin, with a clean tea towel over them. Having mash and baked beans. I will make a drop of gravy too.

We have not lit the fire in the sitting room for a number of evenings so it must be getting warmer. I turn the storage heater up just after supper, that lets all the stored heat out so the heater will take in the max during the night. I have to remember to turn the outlet back down to zero, otherwise we use all the heat in the morning.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am off back to do a bit more at the blocks.

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