Friday, 18 March 2016

My goodness its cold.

No wonder people are ill, yesterday was lovely sunshine all the way, today we are back to the middle of winter. No snow but its so raw out.

DB went for his blood test. I stripped and cleaned the dresser in the hall and then carried on to clean the sitting room. The TV has been driving me daft ever since we moved, so today I disconnected everything and moved the unit further back into the alcove. My Dyson is definitely not working properly, they are coming to it next week. I was jiggered so the kitchen will get done tomorrow, I plan to use the  polti steamer on the floor.

This afternoon DB was going to his history group, I went with him to do a bit of a top up shop at Morrison......I should keep out of that shop!! I spent £12 on 6 shrubs for the garden and only £8 on groceries!!

It was bitterly cold out I was glad I had put my jacket with the fleece inner on, I needed it.

Its a very grey day, drizzle from time to time which is just horrid. We have not been having to put the sitting room light on until; well after 6pm, its just after 4 and I am going to have to put it on in a moment its like night in here.

We had a power cut sometime during the night, the alarm clock did not go off, nor did the bedroom fire switch on. I had to reset all the clocks in the house.

No sewing done today, might get another couple of blocks done tomorrow.

I am feeling quite a bit better today, fingers crossed its squittered itself out. STMI.

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