Monday, 7 March 2016


Well thats one hurdle over, the next I suspect will be his birthday.

Its a fine sunny morning I have the bed linen on the line, will put the towels in tonight, so hopefully will get them out tomorrow.

DB's finger is a lot better, he has to go for his INR this week so he will get the nurse to mark his file, something else he cannot take. I know there are some antib's that do not affect him but I cannot remember which.

Monday clean done with DB's help I have also sorted the power supply for the freezer when it comes. I need to do some sorting out in there I still seem to have an awful lot of fabric, I am sure it multiplies overnight. I need to look at making another everyday quilt for our bed, might do a scrappy Ohio Star. Need to block out the size of the blocks and also how many I will need. I doubt I will have enough of one fabric for the background, will have to work that out too.

 It appears that DGD has a rat in her flat. She was at her mothers last week, is with her Grandpa this week, says she is going home on Wednesday. Council will not do anything about it. Have given her advice but whether she takes it or not is up to her. Apparently the boy friend may have glandular fever, which begs the question who has he been kissing?????

Library van this afternoon, hope he has some good books on, We need to go to the town library at some point to change our books,maybe Friday if I need to go to town, although it galls me to have to pay 70p, its going up to 80p in April, to park the car for an hour.

Bottom of the fridge soup for lunch today, have enough for tomorrow as well. Fritatta for supper, I got some cooking bacon from Lidl. with some cheese it makes a tasty supper.

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