Saturday, 19 March 2016

Life in the Country

I am thinking of renaming my blog life in the country.  Comments?

Spring is here and there are so many signs, daffodils on the verges and as we travelled into Melton yesterday new born lambs in the fields close to farm houses. Tractors have been coming and going down the lane with bales on for bedding down sheep and cattle as lambs and calves start to arrive. The weather is not exactly spring like today. DB was in the garden this morning breaking up and raking the soil for more veg. We have seed trays on the window cill in the sitting room too. We hope to grow as much as we can this year, excess will be frozen.

                    The cloches and polytunnel over the veg garden

                                        The daffs in the herbaceous border.

The plants I got from Morrison yesterday, all are very strong plants, they will be in the garden shortly. There are three plants that will be planted by the fence into our neighbours garden and another to go in the corner in the back garden as you come down the side of the house.

Looking at the garden I can see plants starting to come through, we also have 4 lots of rhubarb showing. In one of the photos you can just see the peach tree in its cover, we need to be sure that the frost is over before we take it off. I will have a look and see if there are signs of buds on it.

I did spend an hour this morning making another couple of blocks for the quilt. I was going to go back in this afternoon but got bogged down watching Wales V Italy.

I stripped out everything in the kitchen this morning and put the steamer on it. It was filthy, I will not be using the steamer every week, perhaps just once a month, will use the ordinary mop otherwise. Whilst I had the steamer on I also did the bathroom and toilet floors and steam cleaned the toilet.

Supper tonight is liver, I cut up another thick slice of the cooking 
bacon to go in with it. The quiche I made with the bacon during the week was excellent. I will be buying another couple of packs when I go to Lidl for sausage. They will keep in the freezer. It will be pork tomorrow.

I need to do a freezer audit, I think we will be going to Aldi this coming week, check out the new shop in Bingham. We also need to go to the ironmongers in the town for wire. We need to wire and tie in the raspberries.

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