Friday, 25 March 2016

I have a new toy

I am crackered....decided to give the new Dyson a proper work out.....I was staggered with what it picked up from a carpet that was supposed to be clean!! I then went on to steam clean the kitchen and the rug in front of the sink which had a gungy mark on it, all gone and its drying on the line. I also put a small load in the washer. I do not have a half load button, but the machine senses how much is in it and draws the water in accordingly.

Its a lovely day, breeze blowing the laundry on the line. DB has spent the morning in the front garden, he has also potted up some petunia seedlings that were threatening to keel over. A new pot and a good watering and they are now in the grow house.

Think I am going to spend the rest of the day reading apart from cooking the fish and wedges for supper. 

I need to use up some of the fruit thats in the freezer, so may do a fruit crumble with apple and blackberry, its quick and easy.


I have spent part of the afternoon on the settee, the rest of the time I have done 4 more blocks for the quilt, they are coming together much better since I changed the way I was making the 1/4 sq triangles.

The laundry dried and has been put away, its been a really lovely day, pity the forecast is for it to change tonight, could do with this weather for at least a week.

DB had his siesta than spent some time on his jigsaw. The TV programmes are all up the spout, nothing is on at the usual time, we very rarely eat in the sitting room but will be doing tonight, there is a programme on DB wants to see at our usual supper time, so the two wee tables we have will be getting used.

We may go into town tomorrow to get books from the main library. DB's new glasses came apart the other day, so he needs to take them in and get them sorted. No idea if the freezer is coming or nor, waiting for a call from my Ex.

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