Monday, 28 March 2016

Horrid day turned out nice

It was very grey and dreich when we got up. We were going into Melton to Morrison to get toasting bread and milk to fill the freezer.

As we drove along the winding lanes there were banks of daffodils swaying in the wind. Further along there was a bank of wild primroses, I must remember to take the camera next time we go, they were so pretty. The birds seem to be building their nests higher this year. My grand mother used to say it was a sign of a good summer. I hope its right, we could do with some sun. there are a lot of sheep and lambs down in the fields near to the farms. It is mostly sheep down here, there are the odd cattle in the fields but I think a lot of them are in waiting to calve. It always makes me smile when I see the lambs jumping about, shame to think that one day they will end up on someones plate!!

I bought 4 more shrubs for the garden, we need to try and get them in this week, give them time to establish. As we came back in through the front gate DB said that the lavender we put in last year seemed to be coming from the bottom. Many times he has said he was going to dig them up, as they really did nothing after we planted them. I think the shock of moving must have affected them, I am looking forward to walking down the front path between lavender and smelling the scent on the ?warm summer air. My grand mother used to grow lavender and would dry it and make bags. These would be put in wardrobes and also in the linen cupboard between the sheets. The smell of lavender always reminds me of her.

I made shepherds pie for supper, I had mince left over from last Thursdays supper, its made a nice pie, we are having carrots and cabbage with it. I got a savoy cabbage in Aldi, 

DB has started another jig saw, this one has some really funny shaped bits in.

This afternoon I did some more work on the quilt blocks, I have cut out the fabric for 28 patterned ones, have about 10 to sew together and then I can cut the plain squares and start to assemble it. DB had his usual siesta. We have a quiet week this week.

The rain cleared around lunch time and by mid afternoon the sun was out. It is still very windy, but not as bad as they have had it in Southern England.

I am contemplating switching the storage heaters off in the hall and kitchen, just leave the sitting room one on low for a bit longer. Will have to see how the weather goes. I lit the fire last night, it turned very cold in the early evening. 

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