Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Here comes the sun

It has been a lovely spring day here. Sun shining and blue sky all the day.

DB was working in the garden all morning. I decided to do some sewing and my machine made a nasty grinding noise so I switched it off. Had several goes at getting it going but to no avail. It needs a service so it's on it's way back to my friend the sewing machine man. It is being collected on Monday, should get it back later in the week.

I have another machine, so will use that whilst it's away.

DB needed to visit the optician to get his glasses fixed, I went into Boyes for some new small plastic bowls, also came out with some fillet bang kitchen cleaner in, what I think, will be a vain attempt to clean my microwave. It really is manky getting DB to wipe it out when he washes up is a wasted effort, he never remembers to do it.

The plants in the garden are responding to the warmth, little bits popping up all over the place, I need to get the plants in we got from Morrison, give the. A chance to get away.

In the gardens round about us daffodils and primulas are waving gently in the breeze, the trees are also showing signs that it's spring, a faint greenness on the branches and the cherry trees are starting to look pink with the blossom.

We called in to see DD2 at work. She is off on Monday so coming over for lunch, will make a pan of soup.

Chicken casserole for supper tonight, the rest of the chicken plus the Breast is in the freezer, will use the carcass for stock.

Quilting day tomorrow. Need to gird my loins, have a couple of things I need to address, people taking advantage of their positions.

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