Thursday, 3 March 2016

Drs, shopping and a haircut

Drs first for DB to get his finger looked at, he has been given some antibiotics and has to go back in a week. Our neighbours came in whilst we were waiting to see the Dr.

From there we went into town to do some shopping (me) haircut (DB).

It was very cold and although it was fine during the afternoon we had a sleet shower.

Finished off the soup for lunch, DB went for his siesta, I was reading on the settee.

I have a couple of hours t myself tonight, DB is going to the garden club, I have marked a couple of TV programmes I want to watch.

The workshop for the quilting group has been cancelled we were down to 4 coming which is just not financially viable. I will cover the block at one of the meetings. Will not be putting myself out to arrange any more. I think I am going to convert the group into just a meeting with an occasional demo.

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