Friday, 11 March 2016

At last....some sun.....

It was very misty first thing DB had to go for a blood test and also to see the Dr. I had breakfast in bed, but was up and dressed by the time DB got back. He managed to fall in the garden again this morning, he is just not safe out there, I will have to go out with him.

We had a discussion re where the freezer is going, decided to move the two table up a bit, which I did, had to clear the tables, now cannot find the two blocks for the new quilt I did yesterday. I have started on some others, so I expect they will turn up at some point. Tried out the steam iron off the steam cleaner, its very powerful. There is a switch on the top for continuous steam. Almost scalded my fingers, got them in the way of the steam. I will be using the cleaner on DB's chair which is looking a bit grubby, the micrwave may come in for some treatment too.

Fish and wedges for supper, will use the last of a bag of frozen peas as well.

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  1. Cheers for sunshine! Am glad you were able to have a relaxing morning but am sorry DB fell again. When AMIL started to fall when in the garden, she took her walker (aka, zimmer frame) there and kept it beside her to steady herself or to use when getting up from a tumble. We insisted she always take her cell phone with her so she could call for help if needed.

    I'm glad you'll have the useful freezer delivered tomorrow and that you have room for it.

    Hope your new quilt blocks turn up soon! I'm about to cut squares for the Flying Geese border on the star quilt. The method I use makes four identical geese, so need 13.



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