Tuesday, 29 March 2016

All Gone

Easter that is and not single bit of chocolate passed my lips.

A fine but blustery day, Laundry out and dried on the line, just airing it off before it gets put away.

The Monday clean has been done, so the bathroom, toilet and bedrooms are sparkling. I also ran the Dyson over the kitchen floor to pick up some of the debris. I am finding the ball a little difficult to get on with, but practice makes perfect, well thats what they say and I am not going to argue.

The chapel at the back are running a play week for the village children, there was some energetic whistle blowing going on earlier, all is quiet now.

DB has started digging the trench for the hedge between us and our next door neighbour, we have 8 shrubs to go in plus two conifers. Once they all reach a height they will be shaped into a hedge.

All the seeds that were planted have germinated, so need to keep and eye on them to get them potted up. Once the wind drops completely I will put up the greenhouse in the top corner of the garden, it is sheltered there by our other neighbours fence.

When I was in Lidl I bought a packet of their bacon bits £1.50. I have just taken them to pieces and bagged then up in useable amounts, there were some full rashers, they will go for bacon and eggs, some bits for quiche or fritatta, which is what we are having tonight, really good value for £1.50. I can use some when I  make lentil soup. I have 8 packets in the freezer, should last quite a while.

We had bottom of the fridge soup today. There was some liquor left from a beef casserole last week, that went in with an extra stock cube and some water, leeks, onion, carrot, garlic, yellow split peas and some butter beans. There is enough left for tomorrow with the last of the loaf I made at the weekend.

I need to go now and tackle a few more blocks for that quilt. I am on the last leg with the pieced blocks, then have to cut 28, 11 1/2" square blocks plus the corner triangles and top and bottom pieces. Then I can start and put it together. I need to start and save up to get it quilted by the long arm quilter.

Bye for now..............

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