Thursday, 17 March 2016

20 Glorious Years

U3A meeting this morning, it was the AGM and the 20th birthday of the Melton Group, so we had cake, wine and a running buffet. It was very nice, did not need any lunch so we had a cup of tea and sat for a while. DB went out to the garden for an hour or so and I put together 3 of the Ohio Star blocks, I have now lost 2 pieces of another block argghhhh.

I am feeling better today. The Dr told me to take it easy for a week or so. 

There were 4 of the girls from the group at the meeting. I am in a bit of a quandary over one of them. She has done a couple of things behind my back, and then presented me with a fait accompli. I think I will be having words before long. I am also a bit miffed that my deputy called a meeting of the group and neither told me or asked if I wanted to go........just told me afterwards what had been decided. Very tempted to tell them to get on and run it themselves, leave me out of it. I can certainly do without the hassle.

No news of a re-arranged delivery of the freezer, will have to give my ex a shove up the rear, I could do with it right now.

It is just over 3 months since Nick died, I keep finding jobs and thinking, Oh Nick will do that, then remember with a sinking feeling that he will not be coming again. He was so good and doing those little things that would have cost a bomb if someone had to come in to do them. I have either got to do them myself or pay someone.

A lovely spring day, sun shining but still quite crisp, pity I have no laundry to dry......

I made a quiche yesterday for tonights supper, have just done a bowl of salad and also cut up some cooked beetroot, the jar was almost empty.

This time next week the new Aldi will be open, cannot wait!!

DB is going to the history group tomorrow, I need some veg for Sunday so will go in with him, can wait in the car until he comes out of his meeting.

First 3 blocks for the new quilt, They will be 'en pointe' with plain blocks in between, I am planning on having it quilted on a long arm machine. I just cannot manage to quilt it on my small machine.

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