Thursday, 31 March 2016

Another sunny day.

Started the supper this morning so I just had to heat it up and cook the veg when I got home.

I managed to get a couple more blocks for the quilt done before lunch.

Off to the quilt group, the two troublesome ladies were not there, even so I let it be known that I was not happy. I have mapped out what we are going to do for the next few months. The group have requested that I continue doing projects rather than them sort out something for myself. They want to work as a group.

One of the ladies who only joined in October has made a really good fist of the sampler quilt, she just has to put it together. There were several samplers put together, one lady had done the sashing as well, I am particularly pleased about that as she is the lady who is a visual learner. She has done so well.

My daffs in the house are showing signs that they have had it, they will be in the bin tomorrow. They have given us a welcome splash of colour in the sitting room.

DB was left on his own today, his sitter was not able to come, so I was a bit on edge, but he has been fine. That's a relief.

Liver and bacon for supper with mash, cauliflower and cabbage.

Tomorrow is the Friday clean get the house ready for the weekend. DB has an appointment to get his 48 hour monitor fitted tomorrow lunch time. We have to take it back on Sunday, we will go on to my quilting friends for a cuppa and a natter.

Not sure if the nice weather is to carry over the weekend, it would be nice if it does.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Here comes the sun

It has been a lovely spring day here. Sun shining and blue sky all the day.

DB was working in the garden all morning. I decided to do some sewing and my machine made a nasty grinding noise so I switched it off. Had several goes at getting it going but to no avail. It needs a service so it's on it's way back to my friend the sewing machine man. It is being collected on Monday, should get it back later in the week.

I have another machine, so will use that whilst it's away.

DB needed to visit the optician to get his glasses fixed, I went into Boyes for some new small plastic bowls, also came out with some fillet bang kitchen cleaner in, what I think, will be a vain attempt to clean my microwave. It really is manky getting DB to wipe it out when he washes up is a wasted effort, he never remembers to do it.

The plants in the garden are responding to the warmth, little bits popping up all over the place, I need to get the plants in we got from Morrison, give the. A chance to get away.

In the gardens round about us daffodils and primulas are waving gently in the breeze, the trees are also showing signs that it's spring, a faint greenness on the branches and the cherry trees are starting to look pink with the blossom.

We called in to see DD2 at work. She is off on Monday so coming over for lunch, will make a pan of soup.

Chicken casserole for supper tonight, the rest of the chicken plus the Breast is in the freezer, will use the carcass for stock.

Quilting day tomorrow. Need to gird my loins, have a couple of things I need to address, people taking advantage of their positions.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

All Gone

Easter that is and not single bit of chocolate passed my lips.

A fine but blustery day, Laundry out and dried on the line, just airing it off before it gets put away.

The Monday clean has been done, so the bathroom, toilet and bedrooms are sparkling. I also ran the Dyson over the kitchen floor to pick up some of the debris. I am finding the ball a little difficult to get on with, but practice makes perfect, well thats what they say and I am not going to argue.

The chapel at the back are running a play week for the village children, there was some energetic whistle blowing going on earlier, all is quiet now.

DB has started digging the trench for the hedge between us and our next door neighbour, we have 8 shrubs to go in plus two conifers. Once they all reach a height they will be shaped into a hedge.

All the seeds that were planted have germinated, so need to keep and eye on them to get them potted up. Once the wind drops completely I will put up the greenhouse in the top corner of the garden, it is sheltered there by our other neighbours fence.

When I was in Lidl I bought a packet of their bacon bits £1.50. I have just taken them to pieces and bagged then up in useable amounts, there were some full rashers, they will go for bacon and eggs, some bits for quiche or fritatta, which is what we are having tonight, really good value for £1.50. I can use some when I  make lentil soup. I have 8 packets in the freezer, should last quite a while.

We had bottom of the fridge soup today. There was some liquor left from a beef casserole last week, that went in with an extra stock cube and some water, leeks, onion, carrot, garlic, yellow split peas and some butter beans. There is enough left for tomorrow with the last of the loaf I made at the weekend.

I need to go now and tackle a few more blocks for that quilt. I am on the last leg with the pieced blocks, then have to cut 28, 11 1/2" square blocks plus the corner triangles and top and bottom pieces. Then I can start and put it together. I need to start and save up to get it quilted by the long arm quilter.

Bye for now..............

Monday, 28 March 2016

Horrid day turned out nice

It was very grey and dreich when we got up. We were going into Melton to Morrison to get toasting bread and milk to fill the freezer.

As we drove along the winding lanes there were banks of daffodils swaying in the wind. Further along there was a bank of wild primroses, I must remember to take the camera next time we go, they were so pretty. The birds seem to be building their nests higher this year. My grand mother used to say it was a sign of a good summer. I hope its right, we could do with some sun. there are a lot of sheep and lambs down in the fields near to the farms. It is mostly sheep down here, there are the odd cattle in the fields but I think a lot of them are in waiting to calve. It always makes me smile when I see the lambs jumping about, shame to think that one day they will end up on someones plate!!

I bought 4 more shrubs for the garden, we need to try and get them in this week, give them time to establish. As we came back in through the front gate DB said that the lavender we put in last year seemed to be coming from the bottom. Many times he has said he was going to dig them up, as they really did nothing after we planted them. I think the shock of moving must have affected them, I am looking forward to walking down the front path between lavender and smelling the scent on the ?warm summer air. My grand mother used to grow lavender and would dry it and make bags. These would be put in wardrobes and also in the linen cupboard between the sheets. The smell of lavender always reminds me of her.

I made shepherds pie for supper, I had mince left over from last Thursdays supper, its made a nice pie, we are having carrots and cabbage with it. I got a savoy cabbage in Aldi, 

DB has started another jig saw, this one has some really funny shaped bits in.

This afternoon I did some more work on the quilt blocks, I have cut out the fabric for 28 patterned ones, have about 10 to sew together and then I can cut the plain squares and start to assemble it. DB had his usual siesta. We have a quiet week this week.

The rain cleared around lunch time and by mid afternoon the sun was out. It is still very windy, but not as bad as they have had it in Southern England.

I am contemplating switching the storage heaters off in the hall and kitchen, just leave the sitting room one on low for a bit longer. Will have to see how the weather goes. I lit the fire last night, it turned very cold in the early evening. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Technology Stinks.....

My Ipad seems to have gone up the swanee. I switched it on this morning and it was fine. Shut it down it was showing a 53% charge in the battery. Put it on again at lunchtime came on and went straight off again, no way can I get it to start up. Grrrrrrr I down loaded a new update, it appears that there was a problem with it, not sure if its that affecting it. Looks like a visit to the Apple shop in the Haymarket which means a trip into Leicester AArrgghhhh.

It was a sunny morning, rain is forecast and we have clouds scudding over, so I guess its on its way. We still have very high winds, the daffs are suffering.

I washed out the freezer, by the way it is not a new freezer. I bought it when we lived in Scotland, when we came back to Melton I did not have room for it, so Nick borrowed it. I think his daughter was looking at selling it, till I reminded her it was not hers to sell. My ex collected it yesterday and brought it back here. I switched it on and its freezing up nicely. Will be transferring some stuff over later.

My ex said he was having problems with Grand daughter, she wants everything her way, and will not listen to anyone else. That's exactly how she was over Nicks funeral, her way or shift out. My ex is getting really fed up with her. I know its over money, she just cannot wait to get her hands on it and spend it. Great plans to buy a car, she cannot drive, has not got a job, does she think the cash is going to keep her forever? Well it wont.

Have chicken to cook for supper tonight, veggies done, just have to sort the chicken for cooking.

DB is having his siesta, he has finished the jig saw he was working on, 2 bits missing, so he has marked the box. I am about to go through and sew another couple of blocks for the quilt top.

Bye for now.

Update, I pad is okish I got advice from a geek on one of the boards, his phone did the same thing last week. Something to do with an update that we loaded.

I have done 3 more blocks for the quilt I have done 18 so far I need 56 mixture of patterned and plain. I am going to have to look for fabric to do more patterned blocks I need approx 28 for the quilt top, I will have to have another rout through my fabric stash see what I can find. I need strips approx 16 inches by 5 1/2 inches. I will lay out the ones I have done and see what I can put with them. I need to cut some 11 1/2 squares for the plain blocks.

DB had a slight dizzy this afternoon, the first one he has had for ages, so long ago I cannot really remember when it was. 

The chicken is in, DB has a programme he wants to watch later.

I hope you have all had a good Easter Sunday, the rain did not arrive, it went very dark for a while, but no rain, the sun is shining now.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Freezer Has Landed

Wild and wet morning. DB wanted wire for the raspberry canes and some garden lime so we went off to Bingham. We have joined the library there, as we will be going to Aldi, it made sense, especially as the parking there is free.....Melton Borough Council take note...

Just got home when the phone rang DD1 We are on our way over with the freezer....20 minutes later it was in the second bedroom. It needs a good wash out, I will do it in the morning before I switch it back on. Plan to will fill it with bread and milk for the time being, eventually it will be for the produce from the garden.

DB is having his siesta, I am going to read for a while and may then do some more sewing depends on how I feel.

My ex was at the hospital last week, he has to inject himself with insulin. His diabetes is out of control. He could do with loosing some weight too.

Friday, 25 March 2016

I have a new toy

I am crackered....decided to give the new Dyson a proper work out.....I was staggered with what it picked up from a carpet that was supposed to be clean!! I then went on to steam clean the kitchen and the rug in front of the sink which had a gungy mark on it, all gone and its drying on the line. I also put a small load in the washer. I do not have a half load button, but the machine senses how much is in it and draws the water in accordingly.

Its a lovely day, breeze blowing the laundry on the line. DB has spent the morning in the front garden, he has also potted up some petunia seedlings that were threatening to keel over. A new pot and a good watering and they are now in the grow house.

Think I am going to spend the rest of the day reading apart from cooking the fish and wedges for supper. 

I need to use up some of the fruit thats in the freezer, so may do a fruit crumble with apple and blackberry, its quick and easy.


I have spent part of the afternoon on the settee, the rest of the time I have done 4 more blocks for the quilt, they are coming together much better since I changed the way I was making the 1/4 sq triangles.

The laundry dried and has been put away, its been a really lovely day, pity the forecast is for it to change tonight, could do with this weather for at least a week.

DB had his siesta than spent some time on his jigsaw. The TV programmes are all up the spout, nothing is on at the usual time, we very rarely eat in the sitting room but will be doing tonight, there is a programme on DB wants to see at our usual supper time, so the two wee tables we have will be getting used.

We may go into town tomorrow to get books from the main library. DB's new glasses came apart the other day, so he needs to take them in and get them sorted. No idea if the freezer is coming or nor, waiting for a call from my Ex.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Oh Dear It's TerminalThe

The Dyson that is. Very nice young man took the cleaner to bits, rescued a pencil that got sooked up some time ago. The motor is on its way out. I have bitten the bullet and bought a new one. After all it is 13 years since I got it. The old one has been put back together again, when the motor finally goes it will go to the tip. I did not have to pay for the service. New one should be here either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Was woken by a phone call at 7.15 to say the Dyson would be delivered today. We went to Aldi, leaving a note on the door in case the delivery man came. In the event, we had just finished lunch when the phone rang again, delivery between 12.20 and 1.20, door bell went, New Dyson.

It was very well packed and took us ages to get it out of the box, then came the puzzle of putting it together. Its very different to the old one. Eventually with the aid of a video on You Tube I managed to get all the bits in the right place, switched it on and away we went. Have the body rotating on a ball was quite new, I managed not too bad. The kitchen floor was a real mess so I have cleaned it up, all bits picked up, just need to give it a good mop in the morning. The new Dyson is in the cupboard, the old one in the back bedroom, will use it on the carpet in there till its finally packs up.

The runner in the kitchen is a bit grubby, so I am going to use the steam cleaner on it tomorrow, see if I can get the muck off.

Another dull day, it was spitting with rain earlier but does not seem to have come to much.

We were expecting Aldi to be busier than it was, all the shopping done, they had a rolled shoulder of lamb, its tucked away in the freezer, we will have it for supper one Sunday. Their caulis were 87p but very small so I have a savoy cabbage instead.

The beef and bean casserole I cooked last night was delicious. I have some gravy left which I will use as stock for some soup. Tonight supper is macaroni cheese with jacket spud and celery and tomato salad.

DB is having his siesta. I have some bits and bobs to do on the laptop, so better go and get on with them.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The excitement is mounting!!

I know I am sad, but tomorrow Aldi opens its new store in Bingham, just 7 miles from us. 20 miles less distance to travel to the shop at Grantham.

DB had an appointment at the dentist, he broke a tooth a few weeks ago, its going to have to come out. He has been advised not to have a denture but a bridge at a cost of £600!!! My God I nearly fainted. The answer is no......I think I need to get him to the techie who made my last bridge and see what he says. DB has to go tomorrow at 2pm to get it out. Fingers crossed it does not bleed. Its not a very big tooth unlike the one that caused a trip to the hospital at 10pm at night to get the cavity stitched.

Nipped into Lidl for a couple of things, ended up spending £15 for very little. I could not believe their cauliflowers were £1. Forget that I will eat cabbage at 60p. Will see what Aldi is asking tomorrow.

Waiting for the chap to come and service my Dyson, I really hope its not terminal, I know I have had it a long while, and its heavy, but I no longer have to carry it upstairs, it lives in the cupboard in the hall.

DB has gone for his siesta, I could do with one too, but need to stay awake for the Dyson chap.

Its quite a dull day, no sun, but not as cold as it has been, so maybe good temperatures will soon be on their way. I hate gardening all trussed up in coats, hats and gloves.

Conversation over lunch about when to put the potatoes in. I suggested putting them in the week before we go away, fingers crossed that it might rain, then if they have grown we can earth them up when we get back. Just now thats favourite, watch this space.

Its several days since I last lit the fire, the weather seems to have improved since we had the two bags of coal put in the coal shed. Oh well a start for next winter?

Had a call from DD2 last night she is still suffering with her back, the Dr. has put her on steroids again, she is not happy, she has only just got rid of the weight from the last lot she had.

No new about the freezer coming home. Ex may phone on Friday, will just have to wait and see. Ex tells me my eldest son is working in Melton........selling Land Rovers. Hey Ho not expecting to hear from him anyway.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What an awful start to the day

News of the bombing  in Brussels airport and the metro was the first thing I saw on TV this morning. How horrible for the people of Belgium and the families of those who died and who are injured.  
I am so horrified I just cannot put it into words.

DB spent time in the front garden cutting the edges of the lawn on one side. I was in the sewing room, did another couple of blocks whilst I waited for the towels and bath mats to finish washing. They have more or less dried on the line.

It was my intention to walk up to the canal this afternoon but I fell asleep on the settee. The canal ran originally from Grantham to West Bridgeford, on the outskirts of Nottingham. It has been silted up for many years. There has been some work done on the canal, but at present it is still un navigable from Grantham, it is hoped eventually to be able to cruise along as far as where the canal
joins the river Trent. It runs at the bottom of the fields of the farms at the back of us and is a haven for wild life. You can walk along the towpath as far as Long Clawson and catch the bus back to Hose.

DB has a bowls meeting tonight, I can choose what to watch on TV for a change.

Towels are airing before being put away. Supper has been prepped, we will have it a bit earlier tonight.

Monday, 21 March 2016

No Sun but Plenty of Wind

After a glorious day yesterday we are back to grey skies and wind. I am not grumbling I have managed to get a second load of laundry dried today.

DB has been 'messing about in the garden', he has mown both the front and back lawns, so it all looks a bit more presentable.

What remained of the Monday clean done, then spent an hour in the sewing room ironing the bedding from yesterday. I do not iron a lot of things, but I do so love to get into a bed with freshly washed sheets, well ironed. I also sorted out a few more blocks for the quilt. I need to work out how many I need of the Ohio Star, the rest will be plain.

Made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, we had it with some of the bread I baked yesterday. Scotch pies tonight, they are better if they are defrosted before you heat them up, so they are sitting in a tin, with a clean tea towel over them. Having mash and baked beans. I will make a drop of gravy too.

We have not lit the fire in the sitting room for a number of evenings so it must be getting warmer. I turn the storage heater up just after supper, that lets all the stored heat out so the heater will take in the max during the night. I have to remember to turn the outlet back down to zero, otherwise we use all the heat in the morning.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am off back to do a bit more at the blocks.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

What a difference a day makes>>>>>>>>>>>>

It was cloudy and quite a bit of mist when we woke up, by 10am the sun was out and has stayed out.

Stripped the bed, the linen is drying on the line.

DB went out into the garden, he was planting some shallots under the small poly tunnel. They are for my quilting friend. She loves shallots but can no longer see enough to grow them herself.

Danger....DB at work!!

I decided to put the metal arch up, bad decision, got it all together and then discovered that one of the poles is wrong and could not fix the thing together. Took it to bits and tried luck, abandoned it, I have taken a picture of the two bits will take the I pad to Wilkinson and see what they have to say.

Whilst I was in the garden, the birds were chirruping away. Our neighbours keep hens for the children to look after, there was quite a bit of clucking going on too, so I guess someone has an egg for breakfast tomorrow. For once there were no dogs barking, it was very peaceful.

Apart from the farm traffic our village is quite peaceful and rather sleepy at times. we are right in the Vale of Belvior, as you turn off the top road to come down Pasture Lane the view are magnificent, you can see right across the vale on a clear sunny day. Its a view I will never tire of. One of these days I might make it with the camera in hand. Many of the roads have hedges and trees lining them, quite a few are beginning to come out, we will no longer be able to see the sneaky views of cottages that are usually hidden by the trees. One local farmer has been out and cut and shaped the hedges round his fields, He does not cut the tops flat but cuts a very pleasant slope on them.

If you walk down The Green you can hear the blacksmiths hammer ringing on his anvil. Yes we do have a blacksmith and his smithy is under a massive chestnut tree. He no longer shoes horses, there is a mobile farrier who comes round to the three lots of stables we have in the village. Our blacksmith makes decorative iron work, gates etc. Quite a few of the older houses in the village have gates which he has either made or repaired.

I have prepped the veg for supper. We are going to have some of the loin of pork I cooked sliced and froze a few weeks ago, so a quick supper. I have half a strudel, that will be dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to put my feet up with a book for half an hour.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Life in the Country

I am thinking of renaming my blog life in the country.  Comments?

Spring is here and there are so many signs, daffodils on the verges and as we travelled into Melton yesterday new born lambs in the fields close to farm houses. Tractors have been coming and going down the lane with bales on for bedding down sheep and cattle as lambs and calves start to arrive. The weather is not exactly spring like today. DB was in the garden this morning breaking up and raking the soil for more veg. We have seed trays on the window cill in the sitting room too. We hope to grow as much as we can this year, excess will be frozen.

                    The cloches and polytunnel over the veg garden

                                        The daffs in the herbaceous border.

The plants I got from Morrison yesterday, all are very strong plants, they will be in the garden shortly. There are three plants that will be planted by the fence into our neighbours garden and another to go in the corner in the back garden as you come down the side of the house.

Looking at the garden I can see plants starting to come through, we also have 4 lots of rhubarb showing. In one of the photos you can just see the peach tree in its cover, we need to be sure that the frost is over before we take it off. I will have a look and see if there are signs of buds on it.

I did spend an hour this morning making another couple of blocks for the quilt. I was going to go back in this afternoon but got bogged down watching Wales V Italy.

I stripped out everything in the kitchen this morning and put the steamer on it. It was filthy, I will not be using the steamer every week, perhaps just once a month, will use the ordinary mop otherwise. Whilst I had the steamer on I also did the bathroom and toilet floors and steam cleaned the toilet.

Supper tonight is liver, I cut up another thick slice of the cooking 
bacon to go in with it. The quiche I made with the bacon during the week was excellent. I will be buying another couple of packs when I go to Lidl for sausage. They will keep in the freezer. It will be pork tomorrow.

I need to do a freezer audit, I think we will be going to Aldi this coming week, check out the new shop in Bingham. We also need to go to the ironmongers in the town for wire. We need to wire and tie in the raspberries.

Friday, 18 March 2016

My goodness its cold.

No wonder people are ill, yesterday was lovely sunshine all the way, today we are back to the middle of winter. No snow but its so raw out.

DB went for his blood test. I stripped and cleaned the dresser in the hall and then carried on to clean the sitting room. The TV has been driving me daft ever since we moved, so today I disconnected everything and moved the unit further back into the alcove. My Dyson is definitely not working properly, they are coming to it next week. I was jiggered so the kitchen will get done tomorrow, I plan to use the  polti steamer on the floor.

This afternoon DB was going to his history group, I went with him to do a bit of a top up shop at Morrison......I should keep out of that shop!! I spent £12 on 6 shrubs for the garden and only £8 on groceries!!

It was bitterly cold out I was glad I had put my jacket with the fleece inner on, I needed it.

Its a very grey day, drizzle from time to time which is just horrid. We have not been having to put the sitting room light on until; well after 6pm, its just after 4 and I am going to have to put it on in a moment its like night in here.

We had a power cut sometime during the night, the alarm clock did not go off, nor did the bedroom fire switch on. I had to reset all the clocks in the house.

No sewing done today, might get another couple of blocks done tomorrow.

I am feeling quite a bit better today, fingers crossed its squittered itself out. STMI.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

20 Glorious Years

U3A meeting this morning, it was the AGM and the 20th birthday of the Melton Group, so we had cake, wine and a running buffet. It was very nice, did not need any lunch so we had a cup of tea and sat for a while. DB went out to the garden for an hour or so and I put together 3 of the Ohio Star blocks, I have now lost 2 pieces of another block argghhhh.

I am feeling better today. The Dr told me to take it easy for a week or so. 

There were 4 of the girls from the group at the meeting. I am in a bit of a quandary over one of them. She has done a couple of things behind my back, and then presented me with a fait accompli. I think I will be having words before long. I am also a bit miffed that my deputy called a meeting of the group and neither told me or asked if I wanted to go........just told me afterwards what had been decided. Very tempted to tell them to get on and run it themselves, leave me out of it. I can certainly do without the hassle.

No news of a re-arranged delivery of the freezer, will have to give my ex a shove up the rear, I could do with it right now.

It is just over 3 months since Nick died, I keep finding jobs and thinking, Oh Nick will do that, then remember with a sinking feeling that he will not be coming again. He was so good and doing those little things that would have cost a bomb if someone had to come in to do them. I have either got to do them myself or pay someone.

A lovely spring day, sun shining but still quite crisp, pity I have no laundry to dry......

I made a quiche yesterday for tonights supper, have just done a bowl of salad and also cut up some cooked beetroot, the jar was almost empty.

This time next week the new Aldi will be open, cannot wait!!

DB is going to the history group tomorrow, I need some veg for Sunday so will go in with him, can wait in the car until he comes out of his meeting.

First 3 blocks for the new quilt, They will be 'en pointe' with plain blocks in between, I am planning on having it quilted on a long arm machine. I just cannot manage to quilt it on my small machine.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Another bad day

The stomach upset seems to have dried up, now I am running a temperature....brilliant. Appointment with the Dr this afternoon.

Lovely day here, DB has been in the garden, some of the beds have been raked,  small poly tunnels over them to warm up the ground a bit. Seeds have been sown, they are in seed trays on the sitting room window cill.

I started sewing some of the quilt blocks, but had to give up, running with sweat, it was dripping off the end of my nose onto the fabric!!! Will be spending most of the afternoon on the settee.

Just had a flyer through the door, Aldi is opening a new store 5 miles from us 24th March. No more drives to Grantham!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Under the weather

I had violent stomach ache last night after I had gone to bed. A very quick trip to the toilet. OKish this morning, but took more medication, if it carries on I will be visiting the Dr.

DB made me stay in bed this morning, brought my breakfast and a drink through, I got up just before lunch, but have spent most of the time on the settee. Just taken more medication.

After yesterdays sun, its really dull and cold again. No wonder people are ill. DB decided to to go out to the garden today, and I have just lit the fire in the sitting room.

DB will cook the supper tonight under supervision, its sausage and mash. He will have beans I will just have the sausage and mashed spuds.

No sewing done, maybe tomorrow if I feel a bit better.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Lovely day so far.....

The sun is out, if you can get out of the wind its reasonable. 2 laods of laundry on the line, one lot is almost dry, there is a shirt of DB's which will need ironing the rest can be folded up and put away.

I think maybe I ate too much fruit yesterday, 5am I was at the loo and again at 7am. I have taken some medication and it seems to have done the trick.

DB disappeared to the garden, so I did the Monday clean on my own. I think the belt may have gone on the Dyson it does not seem to be picking up properly. Its a few years since it was serviced. Will cost me £79 but they do it at the house and any spares are included. I will have to give it a bit of a spring clean first, its rather mucky. I have had it for 13 years and its still going strong.

Yesterdays beef and the loaf I made are both sliced, bread is freezing down in separate slices, once its frozen I will bag it up. Makes it easier to take out the number of slices you need. Beef is in the freezer in the sewing room.

Well all the laundry dried, just a couple of bits to be ironed, all sorted and ready to away. DB had his siesta, he is now watching TV. I will be retiring to the kitchen shortly to make the salad for tonight and sort out a couple of things.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Slow Start Sunday

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.  On Saturday I open a tin of pineapple and a tin or mandarin oranges and mix them together, leave them in the fridge overnight. Sunday morning I fill two coupe glasses with the mixture and half the juice, the rest goes in a container in the freezer and we have it the next Sunday. Croissant from the freezer go in the oven for 10 minutes, we have them with jam and 2 mugs of coffee. 

DB used to say he did not like eating in bed, but he has got very used to it now, waits for me to get up and get it for him. I cannot complain, he brings me breakfast in bed some days during the week.

It was sunny when we woke, but whilst we were having breakfast the mist came down, the sun has just broken through now.

I marked the  line post where I needed it cutting and also marked the vee for the washing line to go in. DB sawed it and we tried it on the line, magic, then painted it with wood preserver.

I prepped the veg for supper. I seem to be loosing my touch with yorkshire puddings, I used to be able to make really crisp, high risen ones. Today they have hardly risen out of the tin. I did make sure the dripping was smoking before I put the mixture in and the oven was hot as well. Hmmmmm  might have to practice a bit!!

I still have not found the bits of the block I did on Friday, no idea where they have gone. I have looked everywhere.......I am motoring on cutting the bits and laying them out in a stack, so I can sew them one after another, not sure how many are on the table just now, but to prevent the naughty elf from taking any more I put the revolving cutting mat on top of them when I finish for the day.

We watched Crufts last night on TV. I do miss having a dog, but whilst we were working it was not fair, we were both out all day. Now we are retired we do not feel we can justify the expense, especially as it looks as if G.O. is going to raise the tax we pay on insurance premiums. In this day and age it is essential to have insurance, if anything goes wrong it costs a bomb for it to be put right, especially if surgery is involved.

Time to get some lunch, the bread maker is on, the loaf I made the other day we will finish at lunch, I will slice the new loaf when its cold tomorrow and as usual open freeze the slices before bagging it and leaving it in the freezer till we need it.

That which was lost is found. Something made me lift up the cutting mat on the small table and bingo!! there it was.

Second picture is the miniature daffs in the front garden. Once they have finished flowering they will go into tubs for next spring.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some people have no thought for others

I am not a happy bunny, in fact I am fuming. My ex phoned at 9am to say that he could not get the  key to my sons house to fetch the freezer. 

Someone who has no right to have the key, had gone up to Bradford or somewhere, they have the key. So 3 peoples weekend ruined.

I am really cross with my Grand daughter, she knew her Grand dad was going today to collect the freezer why did she not get the key back. She is so selfish and controlling. I think if she could she would control when the b****y sun shone!!

I did get my breakfast in bed. Since I have been up I have put one quilt through the washer, its now hanging on the line, guess I may have to finish it off over the airer. Also baked scones and brownies and set the table for lunch.  Cleaned out and reset the fire. Going to sit down for a bit. Oh I forgot, helped DB move and replant the apple tree, I also pruned it, we need a proper tree stake for it.

DB has spent most of the morning pottering in the garden, no falls today. I have decided that we need to have the path and the shed step redone. More expense, we will have to pay for it ourselves, so will have to get a couple of quotes.

The quilt has dried and is now on the back of the settee where it has been for the last few years. One way of keeping a cream settee clean.

I have spent a couple of hours working on the blocks for our new bed quilt, still have not found the pieces from yesterday, hope I have not thrown them away!!

Its been a lovely sunny day, not as cold as it has been recently, quite pleasant in the sun.

Friday, 11 March 2016

At last....some sun.....

It was very misty first thing DB had to go for a blood test and also to see the Dr. I had breakfast in bed, but was up and dressed by the time DB got back. He managed to fall in the garden again this morning, he is just not safe out there, I will have to go out with him.

We had a discussion re where the freezer is going, decided to move the two table up a bit, which I did, had to clear the tables, now cannot find the two blocks for the new quilt I did yesterday. I have started on some others, so I expect they will turn up at some point. Tried out the steam iron off the steam cleaner, its very powerful. There is a switch on the top for continuous steam. Almost scalded my fingers, got them in the way of the steam. I will be using the cleaner on DB's chair which is looking a bit grubby, the micrwave may come in for some treatment too.

Fish and wedges for supper, will use the last of a bag of frozen peas as well.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

What happened to the sun???

The weather was supposed to be better today, its very cloudy and the ground has not dried up at all.

The laundry had to go in the dryer, its on the airer now. I also washed 3 cardigans and a jumper. Had not used the wool wash on my machine before, its made a really good job of them, nice and clean. I had managed to spill tomato sauce on my jumper, its come out no bother. I really love Aldi's concentrated washing liquid, it works well and smells lovely.

Bacon and lentil soup made for lunch, I cut the loaf I made yesterday, so nice crusty bread with it. Have also cleaned out the fire and re set it. I had to light it after supper yesterday, it went very cold.

Once DB gets up from his siesta we are going to nip into town, have a couple of things I want and we have books to go back to the library. Its not open, but there are boxes on the letter box so you can return books. He just has to go to the surgery tomorrow for his INR, I can stay at home and potter.

DB spent the morning in the shed. He brought the Polti steamer in for me, my new iron came today, I need to have a play with it either later or tomorrow. I did another test block for my quilt slightly bigger, it looks better, so I will continue, I can use up some of the 5" squares I cut up when I was clearing the bits and strips box. Not sure how many blocks I will need.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Wet miserable day. DB put the alarm off this morning and we both went back to sleep, so 9am before we got our feet on the floor. Nothing spoiling so thats ok. I have the tomato sauce for the meatballs on the stove, will just have to cook the spaghetti later.

I sewed together the test block for the quilt. I am going to have to be careful, one of the pieces is short.

This is not the colour I hope to do it in, it needs stronger colours. I have sorted out some fabric, 27 lots, I need 36, so will have to go through my stash again, I do not want to have to buy fabric except for the background.

It started raining last night before we went to bed, it has rained on and off all morning. No plans to go out. DB will have to walk down to the post office in the morning and get the TV Choice so he can map out what he wants to watch next week.

I forgot to close down the sitting room heater last night, its a good job I laid the fire a couple of days ago, I think we might need it tonight. The coal and wood are steadily diminishing. I might have to buy a couple of bags of coal just in case.

Not a lot else going on. Expecting the freezer to be brought from my sons at the weekend.

I am a bit bothered about getting re-admitted into hospital at short notice. I have decided to cook stuff for 2 weeks meals and put them in the freezer just in case. At least then I will not have to worry about DB eating. I would hate to find out he had been living on toast or something. I do have a couple of single servings of stuff anyway. Has any body ever frozen dumpling? does it come out ok?

Time to go,  the timer is calling  me into the kitchen..............

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Washing drrried on the line Yay!!

Put the laundry out after breakfast, we had a slight shower, but the stuff mostly dried. It will be Thursday before the next lot goes out, its to rain tomorrow.

Had an awful facebook message from one of my grand sons, I was very hurt, then got mad. I have blocked him from posting. I can do without him piping up.

Spent the morning in the kitchen, I have cooked some belly pork in a sauce for tonight supper and I have enough for another supper in the freezer.

I have decided to make another quilt for our bed. I love the one we are using just now, its been on the bed ever since I made it 15 years ago, apart from Christmas, when I put the Christmas quilt on. I spent the afternoon playing with blocks. I think I am going to use the Ohio Star block, in fairly strong colours interspersed with plain blocks. It will take me some time to make it, but should use up some of my stash. Its time I started sewing again.

DB spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning. 

I did the the ironing from yesterday and discovered that my iron is leaking and leaving nasty marks on my linen. I have a Polti Vaporetto steamer, found an iron on the internet which I can use with it, so the old one will just be used for dry ironing.

Monday, 7 March 2016


Well thats one hurdle over, the next I suspect will be his birthday.

Its a fine sunny morning I have the bed linen on the line, will put the towels in tonight, so hopefully will get them out tomorrow.

DB's finger is a lot better, he has to go for his INR this week so he will get the nurse to mark his file, something else he cannot take. I know there are some antib's that do not affect him but I cannot remember which.

Monday clean done with DB's help I have also sorted the power supply for the freezer when it comes. I need to do some sorting out in there I still seem to have an awful lot of fabric, I am sure it multiplies overnight. I need to look at making another everyday quilt for our bed, might do a scrappy Ohio Star. Need to block out the size of the blocks and also how many I will need. I doubt I will have enough of one fabric for the background, will have to work that out too.

 It appears that DGD has a rat in her flat. She was at her mothers last week, is with her Grandpa this week, says she is going home on Wednesday. Council will not do anything about it. Have given her advice but whether she takes it or not is up to her. Apparently the boy friend may have glandular fever, which begs the question who has he been kissing?????

Library van this afternoon, hope he has some good books on, We need to go to the town library at some point to change our books,maybe Friday if I need to go to town, although it galls me to have to pay 70p, its going up to 80p in April, to park the car for an hour.

Bottom of the fridge soup for lunch today, have enough for tomorrow as well. Fritatta for supper, I got some cooking bacon from Lidl. with some cheese it makes a tasty supper.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers Day

My first mothers day without my youngest son, very hard....he used to bring my grand children over to see me.

Have heard from the two girls, do not expect to hear from my eldest son. Long story........

We are off tp DD2's for lunch and I suspect flowers and cards. We are so lucky to have her living a short ride away. She was wonderful last year seeing that DB was ok whilst I was in hospital.

Started off sunny, we still have blue sky but the sun has clouded over, it was quite warm in the sitting room, but I feel the temperature going down, will have to shut the sitting room door and allow the heat to build up. Did not light the fire last night, the storage radiator was still quite warm so I opened it up and shut ir down when we went to bed. Will do the same tonight.

This picture was taken just before Christmas 1970 Claire is sitting on the arm of the chair, Karen is holding Nicholas who was 2months old and Mark is sitting on the other arm of the chair.

We had a very nice lunch at DD2's, roast chicken and all the trimmings followed by lemon meringue pie and a cup of tea.

When we got home DB went for his nap, I have been playing about trying to copy some photos on face book. DGD also loaded Bex and Jo's engagement party photos for me.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Today? Hailstones

Breakfast in bed again, DB was not feeling too clever, I looked at the medication he is taking, and told him to stop taking it. He has not had a dizzy for ages, and he was dizzy but different from usual, he went to bed for an hour, up for lunch and then back again.

Supper prepped, liver and bacon.

The weather has been weird all day, sunny with blue sky, then sleet turning to snow, later we had heavy hailstones and snow again.

Spent the afternoon watching recorded programmes. Guess we will be doing the same this evening, the TV is dire.

Sunset over the roofs tonight. It was actually much redder than the photo shows.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Sleet, snow sleet

Another sunny morning that has deteriorated into sleet, then snow and then more sleet.

Breakfast in bed, did not get up until 10am.

I am thankful we do not have to go out. The kitchen got a deep clean this morning, the floor was filthy, cupboards wiped out etc. Will not need doing again for some time.

DB potted up some bulbs we found in the shed in pots of 5 should make some decent clumps once they settle in. The little tete a tete daffs at the front are quite pretty. Once they have finished flowering I will dig them up and use them in containers for another year. Looking forward, hoping we will get some better weather soon.

I cancelled the delectable Mountains workshop yesterday, just 4 people were coming which is just not economically viable. I have made up my mind I will not be going any more workshops and at the end of the year, the ladies should be confident enough to work on their own so will turn it into a meeting to sew together. I may do occasional demos, or a block in the group meeting but thats it. DB wants me to give it up completely, but I do enjoy time with the ladies. Unless there is a marked deterioration in my health I will carry on for now.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Drs, shopping and a haircut

Drs first for DB to get his finger looked at, he has been given some antibiotics and has to go back in a week. Our neighbours came in whilst we were waiting to see the Dr.

From there we went into town to do some shopping (me) haircut (DB).

It was very cold and although it was fine during the afternoon we had a sleet shower.

Finished off the soup for lunch, DB went for his siesta, I was reading on the settee.

I have a couple of hours t myself tonight, DB is going to the garden club, I have marked a couple of TV programmes I want to watch.

The workshop for the quilting group has been cancelled we were down to 4 coming which is just not financially viable. I will cover the block at one of the meetings. Will not be putting myself out to arrange any more. I think I am going to convert the group into just a meeting with an occasional demo.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sleet, snow, sun, rain and more sleet....

we have had it all today. When we woke it was blue skies and sunny, so washer went on. Before the washer had finished it started to sleet, then the sleet went off and blue skies again. The wind is quite strong, so laundry out on the line.

Off we went to the coffee morning, cream scones, HM biscuits yummy......quite a few there and various topics of conversation were batted around. The ladies sat on one side and the chaps opposite us, second cups of coffee or tea were enjoyed.

Coming home it started to sleet again so a quick whip out side and fetched the laundry in, it was almost dry so finished it off in the dryer. All folded now ready to go away.

DD2 phoned, she is not coming tomorrow, her friend ,who does not speak very good english, has just had a baby and the health visitor is going, so DD is going to be sorting out whats being said. We will see her on Sunday when we go for lunch.

DB retired for his siesta, his finger is looking a lot better, he also managed to get his hearing aids in without help, hooray, this morning. Did have to show him hw to change the battery though.

Spending the afternoon on the settee reading, I have done the sauce for spag bol for supper tonight.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Today was a good day, tomorrow might not be!!

DB got his stitches out, his elbow has healed quite well, but he still have to be careful. The Nurse got another piece of splinter from his finger, he has to go back on Thursday to have it redressed. All the anti biotics they wanted to give him he is allergic to.

Whilst he was gone, I did the Monday clean and shoved the dyson all round the floors. Loaf of bread made, leek and lentil soup for lunch and also did the gratin for tonight supper.

Have been messing about with a block for another workshop this afternoon, so far have managed to stuff up two blocks both of which I have made before. I have given up.

Chapel coffee morning tomorrow, we will nip round for an hour or so.

Its been fine for most of the day, it had rained during the night, rain expected fro tomorrow, so no laundry to be done until tomorrow night, Thursday is supposed to be a better day.