Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Will it...Wont it?

last, the weather that is...... it had rained overnight, but as I was hanging the towels out it was beginning to dry up. I have another load to do tonight, so hope tomorrow is a good day too so I get it all dry.

A quick trip into town, Morrison and Sainsbury. I had a voucher to spend, in Sainsbugs bought I large piece of topside which will do us several suppers. I made pancakes last night, 3 each with sugar and lemon, scrummy!!

The sun was quite bright as we travelled home, but the wind is still very cold.

I did not put the sitting room heater on last night, the fire was cold this morning,but the thermometer showed 21c in the sitting room, I relaid the fire, will light it later this afternoon when the temperature starts to drop.

Finishing off the turkey breast from Sunday tonight, have done spuds, carrots cauli and a few brussels to have with it. Will wrap the turkey in foil and put it in the top of the steamer to re-heat.

Need to get on with the second matinee jacket, it is going to Aus. so need to finish it so it can be sent off before the baby arrives.

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