Sunday, 28 February 2016

Where can I hide away????

My sons  eldest daughter is driving me nuts, she has been given the administration of her fathers estate, had to pick a second person so picked Nicks dad. The mothers of the other 3 children had to give consent, one has signed, the other, has refused, she thinks that she is going to get diddled out of money. Does not realise she is going to get nowt, any remaining cash will be split between the 4 children and apart from the interest she cannot get her hands on any of it. It will be in trust until the children are 18.

My ex spent hours yesterday trying to get her to sign. The woman is as thick as two short planks, does not understand that if she is not careful the solicitor will get the lot in fees, the bill is already £3000.

All this is doing my heart no good at all. I had a bad night, just could not turn the brain off. It was after 3am before I finally dropped off.

We both had breakfast in bed this morning, it was after 9 when we woke, so 10.30 before we got out of bed.

Just had soup and toast for lunch, we have pork chops for supper tonight.

DB has gone for his siesta, we will go out for a wander round the village when he gets up. Blow away a few cobwebs.

Tomorrow ia another hospital day this time the far side of the City and early so another early start. DB has to go to get his stitches out on Tuesday. He is using his arm fairly freely, but cannot lift a fork up to his mouth, the stitches start to pull if he does.

Managed to do the ironing from last Monday, just in time for this Mondays washing, depending on the weather forecast. Also need to sort out the workshop for 17th March.


  1. I'm sorry things are messy - I send you love and hope health and the will issues soon are smoothed out and you both can enjoy the joys of springtime.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. What a shame Nick's estate morass continues to cause troubles and that his oldest daughter is causing such misery to all. I wish you did have a place to take refuge from the mess. Big hugs!

    It sounds like you'll need to guard Wednesday and Friday as AT HOME days since your other three days are full.

    Today is lovely, warm, sunny and I hope to sew at least one star block row together.

    More hugs!

  3. I'm sorry that your husband was asked to help settle the estate. It would be better if the younger generation settle this themselves, and leave you two to live in peace. Take care. Be well.


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