Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wet Again

There had been rain overnight and it has been pretty dull until just after 2pm when the sun decided to come out and dry up the wet.

Usual Sunday breakfast, fruit and croissant, it was just after 10 when we got up. DB has been doing a new jigsaw, so its keeping him quiet for a while.

Prepped the veg for supper tonight, spent the rest of the morning reading I have 5 books to read before next weekend.

We still have some sprouts in the garden, so I have been out and stripped a couple of stems to keep us going this week.

I decided to go round the fabric I cut yesterday with an overlock stitch to prevent it from fraying, it was a bit chilly in the sewing room, but I was only in there for a while, no point in putting the heater on,

DB went for his siesta as usual.

We need to do a freezer audit and see what I need to buy this month. I did ot have to get any meat last month, that will be different this month. I am using up some of the roast pork I slced a few weeks ago for supper tonight, so no meat to roast.

A quieter week this week, just a hospital visit for DB on Friday, we will go on to see my quilting friend afterwards.

I plan to go and see my GP on Tuesday morning, see if he can throw any light on what might be going on. I hope its not going to mean a trip to cardiology for me too.

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