Sunday, 7 February 2016

Still blowing a hoolie but the sun is out

Late getting up this morning, we had breakfast in bed, finally dragged ourselves out around 10.30.

I had a disturbed night, the carbon monoxide monitor we used to use in the caravan was on the top of the dresser and bleeping away. It was not the red light that was flashing, and the fixed one we have was not going off at all. I looked at it in the kitchen and discovered it was the fault light that was flashing, could not reset the thing, so left it on the side in the kitchen, shut all the doors and went back to bed. It was still bleeping away when I went in this morning...... it is not bleeping now, I hit it with the lump hammer, that stopped it....its now in the bin!! We had it for a number of years, and I know that eventually you have to replace them, you cannot just replace the batteries, this one had done sterling service both in the caravan and also the various houses we have lived in with gas central heating boilers.

Cleared out the fire and relit it, the sitting room was quite warm, it just took a couple of minutes to catch the paper and flame up.

I am going to cook the turkey breast roast I bought in case we could not make it to DD2's for lunch on Christmas day. Doing roast spuds and butternut squash, cauli and calebrese with it. No dessert unless DB decided he wants a banana with some ice cream.

I bought a bunch of daffs from Lidl, they are providing a welcome splash of colour in the sitting room.

I am going to carry on knitting the second matinee coat after our leek and potato soup lunch. Guess DB will go for his siesta.

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