Saturday, 27 February 2016


We both had breakfast in bed, very indulgent. I wanted to finish reading a book before we went to the library to get new books.

I left DB in the library after I had chosen my books and went over to Boyes, we needed more fire lighters, and DB needed a couple of things.

I got seduced by some yarn, it was being sold off at £1.85 for 50grms and had a free pattern if you bought 2 balls. I actually bought 4 but only got one pattern.

Back home I nipped across to see our neighbours, I suddenly realised I had not seen then since before Christmas. They too had a bereavement, their grandson, an only child died from sudden death syndrome just before Christmas, he was married with one little girl. Such a shock for them. I know just how they felt.

My quilty friend had given me soup yesterday, so I thinned it down a little and with some HM bread made a really nice lunch, thank you K.

Sorted supper, am going to spend the afternoon on the settee reading and knitting.

Its a fine day, but the wind is icy, looks ok till you go out then its brrrrr...........

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