Friday, 12 February 2016


Never, we had a slight shower during the morning but it has cleared and the sun is out, still managed to wet my kitchen mats though!!

I slept through the alarm again. DB needed to go for a blood test so he got up and brought my breakfast through. After he had gone I got up and started on the Friday clean, chucked the kitchen mats out into the garden, where they were duly showered on, it was the back that got a bit wet, they will soon dry.

DB back from getting his blood test done, he had put a script in, they did not have one of his medications so he has to go back tonight after it has been delivered from the suppliers. Its his heart medication so he needs it.

He is out in the garden now, the rain has passed and the sun come out, digging over where the fencers put their big feet when they were replacing the fence earlier. Lots of bulbs coming through, not much sign of growth anywhere else though. The kerria is in flower and thats about it.

Fish tonight, no idea whether he who knows wants mash or wedges, will see when he comes in. The large bag of spuds I got from Morrison is almost done, will have to see if they have any more although I doubt it.

Had a challenge with my knitting last night, I knitted the first one no problem, this one, I am on a row of 185 stitches, I have done the blessed row twice and had to undo it, I will have another go this afternoon when DB had his siesta, think if its still not right it might just go on the fire back!!

Time for lunch, better go and get DB in.


I managed to get the pattern right at last, the jacket is finished, I just have to sew it up. Cast on the stitches for the bonnet, think I have enough yarn left to do it.


  1. My uncle always used to say about cucumbers, "Buy 'em, wash'em and throw them on the fire back!". Lovely to hear that old saying again. Try again with your knitting when you are fresh, I also have trouble at times. My mother used to make a beautiful baby shawl in 3ply, all fan and feather stitch and on two needles. Each point had to be pinned when it was washed and fastened onto an old sheet to dry. She made at least three of these and they became family pass downs. I am not so clever and struggle at times. Have a peaceful weekend. Love Andie xxx

  2. Cheers for your success with the baby jacket and am wishing you well on the sweet bonnet!

    You and DB accomplished a lot today so hope you and he are relaxing after your delicious fish dinner.

    It's a cold and cloudy day here and I'm about to have a late, light lunch with some hot tea to drink. Hope I get today's star sewn together but am awfully tired so am beginning to wonder if that sewing will be done.



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