Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Once Again

We have a sunny day, but its very cold out so DB tells me, I have not put my nose outside the door at all.

I zonked out when we went to bed last night, did not hear DB get up, was wakened with breakfast on a tray. I did manage out of bed before 10am though.

Re - laid and lit the fire, folded up yesterdays laundry, ironed DB's shirt and also the bed linen from last week and then decided to sew a block together from the sampler quilt, like Jenny on MSQC I have a problem sometimes seeing how things go, the unpicker came in quite handy I must say, I just have to sew the centre seam and that one is done, thank heavens, I will be interesting to see how the group got on sewing it.

Spent some time sorting out our finances, My son dying has really put my plans back one way or another, I will take me another couple of months to sort it out, then we should be on an even keel just in time for the civil service pensions come in to muck it all up again. I always say the year is half gone before I know our actual financial situation and it all starts again in January. I need to start putting cash away for the stove, which does not look like getting fitted before October at the earliest, we will have to ask the council to extend the permission which I think runs out in July.

Fritatta for supper tonight, I also have some mince to cook for shepherds pie tomorrow, will get to that in a mo. Just having my afternoon cuppa.

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