Friday, 5 February 2016

No rain but bitter in the wind

No coughing last night so another good nights sleep. still felt tired when I got up, but whats new???

We were out and off to town, went to the library, I left DB in there and went over to Boyes for more cough medicine, cough sweets, yarn and buttons. I noticed they were selling off some garden stuff, DB got some sulphate of potash he had been looking for.

Back home shopping put away and put a match to the fire, after lunch DB went for his siesta. I started on the second matinee jacket, pale lemon this time. I also went round with the duster, will put the Dyson on in the morning and shove the mop over the kitchen floor. DB will go with my friend down to the green whilst I wait for DD2 to arrive, she said she will be on the 10.30 bus which should get here for 11am, depends on the traffic on the road, the hunt are meeting in the village so it will be like a three ringed circus for a while in the morning.

I have smoked salmon, honey roast ham and eggs cooked to do egg mayo for sandwiches. I made a pot of leek and potato soup, its in the fridge, it should be fine tomorrow when the flavour has developed.

No lie in tomorrow, need to be up and at 'em, might manage one on Sunday.

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