Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nice Day but Brrrrrr

Decent nights sleep, the first for quite a time. No coughing from DB for a change.

Off this morning to the coffee morning round at the little chapel. Not so many of us there today, but quite a lively conversation about all sorts of things from TV to Badgers.

Finished off the lentil soup for lunch, Egg, wedges and baked beans for supper tonight.

I spent some time this afternoon doing the blocks for the workshop and also writing the instructions, they sound barmy, but I do know what I am doing (I think).

Its been fine all day, we did have some sun, but very chilly. DB decided to cut the front grass after he had his siesta, so all the grass has now been cut.

My friend contacted me yesterday, the hunt is meeting in the village this weekend so she is coming over to see us, I asked her to stay for some lunch, will do leek and potato soup and some sandwiches. We need to go to the library on Friday, so I can nip into Lidl for the few bits I need fruit and veg wise on the way home. Will make the soup on Friday and leave it in the fridge over Friday night, allow the flavour to develop.

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