Saturday, 13 February 2016

Late Start

No alarm this morning, after 9 before I faced the day.

Put a fleece on over my jammies and went out to get coal in and start the fire. I let it out last night I needed to empty the ash pan. 10 minutes and it was flaming.

DB has been out in the front garden for an hour or so, we were getting overrun with a small iris, it was popping up everywhere, so he has dug some of it out. Weeded and put chicken manure on. He will do the other side tomorrow.

I have sorted out the rest of the quilt blocks for L who started with the group late last year, she is doing very well and catching up fast.

Made some soup with onion, leek a couple of manky carrots and split peas,mixed herbs and black pepper; had some tinned tomato left so that went in with 3 ham stock cubes I got from AF ages ago. Crushed garlic and a kettle of boiling water, lid on the pressure cooker and 20 minutes later it was done. Quick whizz with the Bemix and its ready. DB tried it, no extra seasoning needed, so soup for lunch, finish off a loaf from the freezer and soup for another couple of days. I will put the breadmaker on after lunch to make another loaf.

Its fiine but quite cold outside, I was glad to get back into the warm.

I have got to the row in the bonnet which caused so much trouble in the coat, put it away, will get it done whilst DB has his siesta, should finish the bonnet tonight, will sew it all up tomorrow.

Grand daughters engagement party tonight. Its being held in the City, neither of us drive at night these days, so we are not going. To be honest its not really our scene, an excuse for getting blattered. I know there will be some sore heads tomorrow, mine will not be though.

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