Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Its Raining!!!

woke up this morning to a very grey day. It was raining. I was so glad I had not put a white wash on last night, I would have had to dry it inside.

Laid and lit the fire, finished prepping the supper, put the shepherds pie in the oven on remote control, carrots, cauli and calebrese ready to cook.

After DB got up from his siesta we went up to the coffee shop at the Dove Cottage Hospice for tea and cake. I pick up a couple of bits of Crystal to add to my collection cost me all of £4.00

I started yesterday to read a blog by a couple who moved to Brittany to renovate a house and turn it into a B & B. I am half way through 2013 just 3 years to go!! Its something we would have loved to have done, but it was not to be. It just did not work for us, what a shame, we both love France.

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