Thursday, 25 February 2016

I Give Up

Woke at 6am, DB announces he has palpitations, I told him to take his medication and go back to sleep. I then lay awake.

Decided that after yesterday I was too tired to take the group today, so I called it off they will still be able to sew whether I am there or not.

Got DB breakfast in bed, had mine in bed as well and we got up about 9.30. The palps had lessened enough to get him to the Drs to look at his stitches, he has more movement in his arm today, but not enough to drive the car.

Its bright and sunny, I was going to light the fire but the sitting room is warm enough. We had a conversation about the open fire in the sitting room. I worked out how much it had cost us on top of the heating and was horrified to find it had cost us almost £200 on top of the electric bill. So despite the fact that we both love the open fire, we are going to use up the coal and wood we have and then use the storage heater and put an electric fire that looks like a stove in the fire place for when the storage heater goes down. I need to look for one that has a thermostat that cuts the fire off when the room reaches the required temperature.

Apart from anything else, setting the fire, emptying the ash can and shovelling coal is not really conducive to my present condition, so we have to be sensible; especially if DB has to have a pacemaker too.

I am now on a weight loss kick, I have made beef stew for tonights supper, DB will have dumpling I will just have meat and veg. Also when he gets up this afternoon after his sieata we will go for a walk round the village. With my heart in its present condition walking is all I can do.

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