Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I Don't Believe It

Its been a bright, sunny day, quite a breeze and it has dried the laundry on the whirly.

No idea what was wrong with me yesterday, I am still feeling a bit 'spaced out' but much better than yesterday. A decent nights sleep, did not hear the alarm go off, so got breakfast in bed.

Laundry hung out I sorted the fire, despite not putting any coal or ood on it after 8pm last night, as I started to put the wood over the paper, smoke started to drift up and by the time I had put the clinker and some coal on top of the wood it was flaming. I have turned the heater off in the sitting room, it can stay off.

DB spent an hour or so in the garden, he says there are a lot of bulbs coming up in the back, I should hope so, I put over 200 in last autumn.

Sauce made for spag bol tonight. Tomorrow we have to drop in a script request at the Drs on our way into town. I need yogurt from Morrison and also some bits from Sainsbury. Trying to keep a strict handle on the spending this month.

We had a letter from the council this morning out rent has gone down for next month, so we must have caught up with the arrears the council put us in when they did not deal with our paper work for 6 weeks after we moved in. We will get a letter next month giving us the rate for 2016/17 which of course will change once they have the figures for our civil service pensions at the end of April. DB's SW pension rise was 18p per month of which the council have taken 16p.......heaven knows what they will take from the civil service pension rise. 

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