Monday, 15 February 2016

I am exhausted

We have been out since 10.30 just arrived back at 5.20. I did managed to do the Monday clean before we went and also hung out a load of laundry.

First my hospital appointment....first thing I was told.. the Dr is a bit behind...a bit!!! I waited 1hr 30 minutes to get in to see the Dr, he them proceeded to put drops in my eyes, another 20 minutes to wait. I sent DB to phone DD2 and tell her we would be late for lunch, good job it was filled rolls. Eventually I got in to see the Dr, he looked in both eyes and said.....'nothing amiss, no idea why your optician asked me to see you. I will be writing to her'!! so I wasted a morning on an appointment I did not need.

On to DD2's for some lunch and a chat, I completely forgot to take the matinee coat with me...aarrgghhh!

This afternoon DB went to get his hearing aids fitted, we are now arguing about the level of sound on the TV, he says its too high, I cannot hear it aarrgghhhh again. His appointment took well over an hour, I was drooping by the time we got in the car to come home.

I am so tired I do not know what to do with myself. Have sorted ham salad and jacket spud for supper there is the rest of the bread and butter pudding to finish off.

The laundry was mostly dry, its on the airer, have folded some of it to put away the rest will go in front of the fire when we go to bed.

Roll on bedtime..........

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