Friday, 19 February 2016

End of the week

I have decided I need to go back to the Drs. I am so tired, this morning it was 10am before I got out of bed, and this afternoon walking through the town with my daughter I had to sit down and 
get my breath.

A dittery sort of morning. I re laid the fire ready to light when we got back this afternoon. I messaged DD2 and arranged to meet her for a coffee. DB was going to the history group. The talk was on Agincourt, we had been to the battle field and museum some years ago. DB enjoyed the talk very much. DD2 and I had been in to Morrison and met DB back at the car. We gave her a lift home and then made our way back to our little bungalow.

It had been a fine day, but the wind was cold and as we drove home it started to rain.

I have bought a pair of wellington's to replace the garden clogs which have really had it, both are now split. We are hoping for some fine weather so we can get out in the garden. I need to prune some of the bushes to encourage them to bush out rather than grow up. The infernal weeds are also showing their heads, how dare they!! I need to find enough cash to buy the pyracantha plants for the hedge between us and next door to make our back garden less accessible from there.

Fish and wedges for supper.......


  1. What a nice way to spent a Friday!

    Sorry you found yourself tired and short of breath. Might you have developed asthma? AMIL was diagnosed with asthma for the first time when she was 78 and she so surprised since she'd never had it when younger. Her main symptoms were fatigue (from the effort it took to breathe, said the doctor) and the shortness of breath. Her pulmonary doctor prescribed a daily inhaler for use each morning and a rescue inhaler for when she was suddenly tired or short of breath.

    It's sunny but chilly here and I had a quick trip to the library. For some reason, I cannot seem to get warm. The high temperatures for the weekend are expected to be almost 70*F!


  2. Tis better to be safe and you may be having some trouble with your pacemaker. :( Best to get checked out. Your heart rate may be too low. I saw some cute little garden clogs today but they didn't have the ones I liked in my size. Oh well...guess I didn't need them.


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