Monday, 1 February 2016

Blooming wind

Blowing a hoolie again. I have chanced laundry on the line, so far it is ok, did use storm pegs in the vain hope it might stop the stuff ending up in Harby (the next village).

Busy morning, Monday clean done, last nights roast pork joint sliced up, enough for tonight with salad and 3 more suppers. Also have a loaf in the bread maker.  Think I will put a pot of lentil soup on to have for lunch. DB is mucking about in the garden. He has swept all the debris from round the kitchen door, chopped up more kindling and is now sorting out the rubbish hole (shed).

Its very windy, the sun kssps coming and going, it is supposed to rain at some point, no sign of it so far.

Almost a cough free night, DB woke about 5.30 had his cough medicine and went back to sleep. It was just before 8 when I woke.

Library van this afternoon, it is only coming once a month now, so we just get 4 books from there, get more from the big library when we go into town.

Not much on this week, just the coffee morning at the little chapel on Wednesday.

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