Thursday, 4 February 2016

Another dull day.

It appeared to have rained over night, by mid morning the pavements were dry and we had a short burst of sun.

After breakfast I cleaned out the fire and re set it. About 20 minutes later OH called me, the fire was blazing away, there must have been some hot ashes in the bottom of the grate, so I have kept it in. Will see how much fuel we use keeping it alight all day. It might  prove cheaper than keeping the wretched storage heater on in the sitting room.

Made a ring of scones this morning, prepped the supper and sewed up the matinee coat I knitted, am just knitting a pair of bootees to use up the wool. If I get them finished they can go to my daughter tomorrow when we go into town to the library. I will then get the yarn for the second jacket which is to go to Australia.

OH is having his siesta, he put away the jig saw he started before Christmas, said he could not be bothered doing it and thought he would put it out to go to the charity shop. He is going to the garden club tonight, I am staying at home. Its £32 for the two of us for the year on top of the £36 we pay for U3A.

Time for tiffin, better go and put the kettle on.

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