Wednesday, 24 February 2016

8 hours at the hospital

Back to the Drs to get the results of the blood tests, all were ok except that one test showed a slight rise. he was worried I might have a DVT which bits were breaking off and making me breathless, lodging in my lungs.

More blood tests, CT scan chest xray, then sit and wait.......the scan showed no embolism in my lungs, but some strain on the right side of my heart. The cardiac nurse I saw seems to be so sure they were going to admit me she actually put name tabs on.

By 6pm; having been there since 11.30am I was getting a bit fed up. DB went to see what was happening, the cardiac registrar had just come down from the ward. DB explained that we needed to see someone PDQ. He cannot drive because of his arm and I am not used to driving in the dark. I got to see the Registrar. He was not really bothered about admitting me, he said what ever was going on did not appear to be too bad so I could go home and have more tests done at OP. We finally got home at 7.30. We are both shattered.

So I will be sent an appointment for and echo and possibly an MRI scan in about 2 months.

I think the strain on my heart is a result of the events at the end of last year and having to cope with DB.  Both events are still on going so we will see what we will see when I go for the next appointment.

I did light the fire, the laundry was sort or dry, its on the airer, will leave it in the sitting room overnight to air off.

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