Monday, 29 February 2016

Another Hospital Visit

for DB this time. Wonders will never cease he was taken 10 minutes before his appointment time.

He has to have a cat scan to confirm that he has diverticular disease, so we wait for an appointment.

We got a lift in a buggy from the reception desk to the clinic and back to our car, very welcome. Boy it was cold.

No Monday clean or laundry done today. DB has to go to the Drs tomorrow to get his stitches out, he can drive himself, I need to do some cleaning.

I had a nap on the settee when DB went for his siesta. Was still asleep when he came back through. Spent the afternoon reading. DB is working on a jig saw.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Where can I hide away????

My sons  eldest daughter is driving me nuts, she has been given the administration of her fathers estate, had to pick a second person so picked Nicks dad. The mothers of the other 3 children had to give consent, one has signed, the other, has refused, she thinks that she is going to get diddled out of money. Does not realise she is going to get nowt, any remaining cash will be split between the 4 children and apart from the interest she cannot get her hands on any of it. It will be in trust until the children are 18.

My ex spent hours yesterday trying to get her to sign. The woman is as thick as two short planks, does not understand that if she is not careful the solicitor will get the lot in fees, the bill is already £3000.

All this is doing my heart no good at all. I had a bad night, just could not turn the brain off. It was after 3am before I finally dropped off.

We both had breakfast in bed this morning, it was after 9 when we woke, so 10.30 before we got out of bed.

Just had soup and toast for lunch, we have pork chops for supper tonight.

DB has gone for his siesta, we will go out for a wander round the village when he gets up. Blow away a few cobwebs.

Tomorrow ia another hospital day this time the far side of the City and early so another early start. DB has to go to get his stitches out on Tuesday. He is using his arm fairly freely, but cannot lift a fork up to his mouth, the stitches start to pull if he does.

Managed to do the ironing from last Monday, just in time for this Mondays washing, depending on the weather forecast. Also need to sort out the workshop for 17th March.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


We both had breakfast in bed, very indulgent. I wanted to finish reading a book before we went to the library to get new books.

I left DB in the library after I had chosen my books and went over to Boyes, we needed more fire lighters, and DB needed a couple of things.

I got seduced by some yarn, it was being sold off at £1.85 for 50grms and had a free pattern if you bought 2 balls. I actually bought 4 but only got one pattern.

Back home I nipped across to see our neighbours, I suddenly realised I had not seen then since before Christmas. They too had a bereavement, their grandson, an only child died from sudden death syndrome just before Christmas, he was married with one little girl. Such a shock for them. I know just how they felt.

My quilty friend had given me soup yesterday, so I thinned it down a little and with some HM bread made a really nice lunch, thank you K.

Sorted supper, am going to spend the afternoon on the settee reading and knitting.

Its a fine day, but the wind is icy, looks ok till you go out then its brrrrr...........

Friday, 26 February 2016

Early Start

Up at an ungodly hour this morning, off to the hospital with OH. We were told the first appointment could take up to 3 hours, so I put £3 in the machine as we parked. Less than an hour later we were on our way to Aldi to do the shopping. OH has to double his heart medication and see what happens they will see him in 6 months. The car park had £1.75 profit out of me, not least at the LRI you pay on the way out.

Went on to my quilting friends and we had a lovely time, soup and croutons for lunch followed by apple pie. OH had cream on his.

Decent journey home, brrr its cold, so the fire lit. Thanks to the short visit at the hospital We do not have to go shopping in Grantham on Sunday, so two days being lazy. On the way home we called at the wood merchant and bout the wood for 2 washing line props. We just have to cut the 'v's in the top for the line.

I bought this today, a bird house for the garden, but it looks great on the dresser in the sitting room.

This is how the dresser looks now.

We are going to have a quiet weekend, we need to go into Melton tomorrow for the library, but we will be having a lie in tomorrow and Sunday, this has been a very hard week.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

I Give Up

Woke at 6am, DB announces he has palpitations, I told him to take his medication and go back to sleep. I then lay awake.

Decided that after yesterday I was too tired to take the group today, so I called it off they will still be able to sew whether I am there or not.

Got DB breakfast in bed, had mine in bed as well and we got up about 9.30. The palps had lessened enough to get him to the Drs to look at his stitches, he has more movement in his arm today, but not enough to drive the car.

Its bright and sunny, I was going to light the fire but the sitting room is warm enough. We had a conversation about the open fire in the sitting room. I worked out how much it had cost us on top of the heating and was horrified to find it had cost us almost £200 on top of the electric bill. So despite the fact that we both love the open fire, we are going to use up the coal and wood we have and then use the storage heater and put an electric fire that looks like a stove in the fire place for when the storage heater goes down. I need to look for one that has a thermostat that cuts the fire off when the room reaches the required temperature.

Apart from anything else, setting the fire, emptying the ash can and shovelling coal is not really conducive to my present condition, so we have to be sensible; especially if DB has to have a pacemaker too.

I am now on a weight loss kick, I have made beef stew for tonights supper, DB will have dumpling I will just have meat and veg. Also when he gets up this afternoon after his sieata we will go for a walk round the village. With my heart in its present condition walking is all I can do.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

8 hours at the hospital

Back to the Drs to get the results of the blood tests, all were ok except that one test showed a slight rise. he was worried I might have a DVT which bits were breaking off and making me breathless, lodging in my lungs.

More blood tests, CT scan chest xray, then sit and wait.......the scan showed no embolism in my lungs, but some strain on the right side of my heart. The cardiac nurse I saw seems to be so sure they were going to admit me she actually put name tabs on.

By 6pm; having been there since 11.30am I was getting a bit fed up. DB went to see what was happening, the cardiac registrar had just come down from the ward. DB explained that we needed to see someone PDQ. He cannot drive because of his arm and I am not used to driving in the dark. I got to see the Registrar. He was not really bothered about admitting me, he said what ever was going on did not appear to be too bad so I could go home and have more tests done at OP. We finally got home at 7.30. We are both shattered.

So I will be sent an appointment for and echo and possibly an MRI scan in about 2 months.

I think the strain on my heart is a result of the events at the end of last year and having to cope with DB.  Both events are still on going so we will see what we will see when I go for the next appointment.

I did light the fire, the laundry was sort or dry, its on the airer, will leave it in the sitting room overnight to air off.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ho Hummmmmm, why me.....

Went to the Drs. he was quite concerned about my breathlessness, I have had several lots of the red stuff taken and have to go to the Drs again in the morning for the results.

Just got back, DB came in, he had lost his balance in the garden and hit hie elbow, got him inside.....blood everywhere, he had taken a crescent shaped piece of skin off just under his elbow. I managed to close it to and stopped it bleeding, put a gauze dressing over it and phoned the Dr. Bandaged it up and took him down. Long story short, he has had 4 stitches in it, brilliant....not. I am so thankful the Dr was able to do it, saved me a trip to LRI, we could have been stuck there all day and half the night. Really fouled up my week one way or another. We were going to Aldi tomorrow, looks like a Sunday visit now, I will not be going to the quilters lunch,  although I will make it to the class . Fridays visits are still going ahead hopefully, but I will have to do the driving.

It never rains but it pours..............

At least I have managed one thing, One of Nicks friends has arranged to bring the freezer over for me, it will be a couple of weeks but thats not a problem, at least we can get it here.

We have sorted out a rough clothes line. DB had unravelled the line from the whirly, and we now have a triangle of lines. I had put a load in the washer its now on the line, hope it dries, Have another load to go in tonight ready to put out in the morning.

Phew, I am exhausted. DB is having his siesta, he is ok, managed to eat his lunch, although I have changed the supper round, he cannot bend his arm otherwise he will split his stitches, so its cut up food for a few days. Cheese and bacon quiche, jacket spuds and celery and tomato salad should keep us going. He is also off washing up duties for 10 days.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Another day another dollar

It was overcast when we got up, but its fine and sunny now, I stripped the bed and the linen is dancing on the whirly, there is quite a breeze.

DB has been dying to get out into the garden, so I did the Monday clean by myself. Took it steady and apart from working up a bit of a sweat I was ok. I also have a tea loaf in the cooker. soaked the fruit overnight in cold tea. Once its cold I will wrap it in foil and we can have it spread with butter tomorrow with out afternoon tea.

Sorted out a load for the washer tonight, tomorrow is due to be the same as today, so hopefully more dried, and maybe the basket emptied.

I am going to the Drs in the morning, Mondays is a manic day and I can wait till tomorrow. We also need to go to the iron mongers in Bingham, DB wants wire for the raspberries. They are showing signs of growth, so we need to tie them in to the wires.

Well that has never happened before, two arms on the whirly have broken off, managed to save the laundry, it was almost dry and so was the grass. Hmmmm now have to buy a new whirly.  Off to search the internet to find the best whirly and cost.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wet Again

There had been rain overnight and it has been pretty dull until just after 2pm when the sun decided to come out and dry up the wet.

Usual Sunday breakfast, fruit and croissant, it was just after 10 when we got up. DB has been doing a new jigsaw, so its keeping him quiet for a while.

Prepped the veg for supper tonight, spent the rest of the morning reading I have 5 books to read before next weekend.

We still have some sprouts in the garden, so I have been out and stripped a couple of stems to keep us going this week.

I decided to go round the fabric I cut yesterday with an overlock stitch to prevent it from fraying, it was a bit chilly in the sewing room, but I was only in there for a while, no point in putting the heater on,

DB went for his siesta as usual.

We need to do a freezer audit and see what I need to buy this month. I did ot have to get any meat last month, that will be different this month. I am using up some of the roast pork I slced a few weeks ago for supper tonight, so no meat to roast.

A quieter week this week, just a hospital visit for DB on Friday, we will go on to see my quilting friend afterwards.

I plan to go and see my GP on Tuesday morning, see if he can throw any light on what might be going on. I hope its not going to mean a trip to cardiology for me too.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

HHmmm wet again

It was fine when we woke this morning, by lunchtime it was raining.

We managed to do the Friday clean between us, so everything is clean and tidy again.

Fabric sorted and cut out for the quilt group meeting on Thursday, we are all meeting beforehand for lunch. I need to go round the edge of one piece and make sure it does not fray. 

A very quiet day, DB has started a new jigsaw so that kept him quiet this afternoon. I need to read 4 books before next weekend, so I spent the afternoon on the settee  reading.

Liver and bacon for supper, no dessert.

Friday, 19 February 2016

End of the week

I have decided I need to go back to the Drs. I am so tired, this morning it was 10am before I got out of bed, and this afternoon walking through the town with my daughter I had to sit down and 
get my breath.

A dittery sort of morning. I re laid the fire ready to light when we got back this afternoon. I messaged DD2 and arranged to meet her for a coffee. DB was going to the history group. The talk was on Agincourt, we had been to the battle field and museum some years ago. DB enjoyed the talk very much. DD2 and I had been in to Morrison and met DB back at the car. We gave her a lift home and then made our way back to our little bungalow.

It had been a fine day, but the wind was cold and as we drove home it started to rain.

I have bought a pair of wellington's to replace the garden clogs which have really had it, both are now split. We are hoping for some fine weather so we can get out in the garden. I need to prune some of the bushes to encourage them to bush out rather than grow up. The infernal weeds are also showing their heads, how dare they!! I need to find enough cash to buy the pyracantha plants for the hedge between us and next door to make our back garden less accessible from there.

Fish and wedges for supper.......

Thursday, 18 February 2016

The rain has gone

A fine morning, sun shining a bit of a breeze. I put a load of laundry out before we went to the U3A meeting. Also laid the fire ready to light later.

Good talk, humorous speaker talking about how some of the big brand names we see in the supermarket got their names.

Called at DD2's on the way back to drop off the parcel I forgot on Monday.

DB has just gone for his siesta, I have some catching up to do on the lap top, am still wading through the blog I started reading yesterday, have now got to 2014........

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Its Raining!!!

woke up this morning to a very grey day. It was raining. I was so glad I had not put a white wash on last night, I would have had to dry it inside.

Laid and lit the fire, finished prepping the supper, put the shepherds pie in the oven on remote control, carrots, cauli and calebrese ready to cook.

After DB got up from his siesta we went up to the coffee shop at the Dove Cottage Hospice for tea and cake. I pick up a couple of bits of Crystal to add to my collection cost me all of £4.00

I started yesterday to read a blog by a couple who moved to Brittany to renovate a house and turn it into a B & B. I am half way through 2013 just 3 years to go!! Its something we would have loved to have done, but it was not to be. It just did not work for us, what a shame, we both love France.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Once Again

We have a sunny day, but its very cold out so DB tells me, I have not put my nose outside the door at all.

I zonked out when we went to bed last night, did not hear DB get up, was wakened with breakfast on a tray. I did manage out of bed before 10am though.

Re - laid and lit the fire, folded up yesterdays laundry, ironed DB's shirt and also the bed linen from last week and then decided to sew a block together from the sampler quilt, like Jenny on MSQC I have a problem sometimes seeing how things go, the unpicker came in quite handy I must say, I just have to sew the centre seam and that one is done, thank heavens, I will be interesting to see how the group got on sewing it.

Spent some time sorting out our finances, My son dying has really put my plans back one way or another, I will take me another couple of months to sort it out, then we should be on an even keel just in time for the civil service pensions come in to muck it all up again. I always say the year is half gone before I know our actual financial situation and it all starts again in January. I need to start putting cash away for the stove, which does not look like getting fitted before October at the earliest, we will have to ask the council to extend the permission which I think runs out in July.

Fritatta for supper tonight, I also have some mince to cook for shepherds pie tomorrow, will get to that in a mo. Just having my afternoon cuppa.

Monday, 15 February 2016

I am exhausted

We have been out since 10.30 just arrived back at 5.20. I did managed to do the Monday clean before we went and also hung out a load of laundry.

First my hospital appointment....first thing I was told.. the Dr is a bit behind...a bit!!! I waited 1hr 30 minutes to get in to see the Dr, he them proceeded to put drops in my eyes, another 20 minutes to wait. I sent DB to phone DD2 and tell her we would be late for lunch, good job it was filled rolls. Eventually I got in to see the Dr, he looked in both eyes and said.....'nothing amiss, no idea why your optician asked me to see you. I will be writing to her'!! so I wasted a morning on an appointment I did not need.

On to DD2's for some lunch and a chat, I completely forgot to take the matinee coat with me...aarrgghhh!

This afternoon DB went to get his hearing aids fitted, we are now arguing about the level of sound on the TV, he says its too high, I cannot hear it aarrgghhhh again. His appointment took well over an hour, I was drooping by the time we got in the car to come home.

I am so tired I do not know what to do with myself. Have sorted ham salad and jacket spud for supper there is the rest of the bread and butter pudding to finish off.

The laundry was mostly dry, its on the airer, have folded some of it to put away the rest will go in front of the fire when we go to bed.

Roll on bedtime..........

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunny Again

but a very hard frost overnight. Needed to nip into town for ribbon for the bonnet, I managed to get the coat, bonnet and booties out of the ball of yarn. Pleased about that. Needed ribbon for the bonnet, had to get a creamy yellow, could not match the yarn exactly. Just have to sew up the coat and put the ribbons on the bonnet and its ready to go, will photograph it before I pack it up.

The sun had more or less melted the ice on the windscreen so no de-frosting to do, quick trip into town, got eggs and then to Boyes for the ribbon. The sun is quite bright but no real heat in it.

Last night for the first time I pulled the quilt up over the duvet, it was quite chilly. Had left my blanket on at 3 so the bed itself was warm. We had breakfast in bed.....just for a change, I laid the fire before we went out, so just put a match to it when we got back and it was soon blazing merrily away.

Lunch was more of yesterdays soup with bread I  also baked yesterday, the tomato flavour had really come out, delicious. Will not be having any tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital and we are going to DD2's for lunch, so Tuesday will see us finish it I think.

Seems the engagement party went well last night, some pictures on facebook but none of the happy couple as yet. Have not heard from DD2 they should be back by now, they stayed overnight in Leicester.

Roast beef for supper its all prepared, just have to cook it. I had some panetone left after christmas, it was in the freezer, its now in a casserole dish to make bread and butter pudding for dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I might succumb to a nana nap a bit later.

Jacket etc all finished and ready to be packed. Baby due in June. Going to my great niece in Aus, so it will be the middle of their winter.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Late Start

No alarm this morning, after 9 before I faced the day.

Put a fleece on over my jammies and went out to get coal in and start the fire. I let it out last night I needed to empty the ash pan. 10 minutes and it was flaming.

DB has been out in the front garden for an hour or so, we were getting overrun with a small iris, it was popping up everywhere, so he has dug some of it out. Weeded and put chicken manure on. He will do the other side tomorrow.

I have sorted out the rest of the quilt blocks for L who started with the group late last year, she is doing very well and catching up fast.

Made some soup with onion, leek a couple of manky carrots and split peas,mixed herbs and black pepper; had some tinned tomato left so that went in with 3 ham stock cubes I got from AF ages ago. Crushed garlic and a kettle of boiling water, lid on the pressure cooker and 20 minutes later it was done. Quick whizz with the Bemix and its ready. DB tried it, no extra seasoning needed, so soup for lunch, finish off a loaf from the freezer and soup for another couple of days. I will put the breadmaker on after lunch to make another loaf.

Its fiine but quite cold outside, I was glad to get back into the warm.

I have got to the row in the bonnet which caused so much trouble in the coat, put it away, will get it done whilst DB has his siesta, should finish the bonnet tonight, will sew it all up tomorrow.

Grand daughters engagement party tonight. Its being held in the City, neither of us drive at night these days, so we are not going. To be honest its not really our scene, an excuse for getting blattered. I know there will be some sore heads tomorrow, mine will not be though.

Friday, 12 February 2016


Never, we had a slight shower during the morning but it has cleared and the sun is out, still managed to wet my kitchen mats though!!

I slept through the alarm again. DB needed to go for a blood test so he got up and brought my breakfast through. After he had gone I got up and started on the Friday clean, chucked the kitchen mats out into the garden, where they were duly showered on, it was the back that got a bit wet, they will soon dry.

DB back from getting his blood test done, he had put a script in, they did not have one of his medications so he has to go back tonight after it has been delivered from the suppliers. Its his heart medication so he needs it.

He is out in the garden now, the rain has passed and the sun come out, digging over where the fencers put their big feet when they were replacing the fence earlier. Lots of bulbs coming through, not much sign of growth anywhere else though. The kerria is in flower and thats about it.

Fish tonight, no idea whether he who knows wants mash or wedges, will see when he comes in. The large bag of spuds I got from Morrison is almost done, will have to see if they have any more although I doubt it.

Had a challenge with my knitting last night, I knitted the first one no problem, this one, I am on a row of 185 stitches, I have done the blessed row twice and had to undo it, I will have another go this afternoon when DB had his siesta, think if its still not right it might just go on the fire back!!

Time for lunch, better go and get DB in.


I managed to get the pattern right at last, the jacket is finished, I just have to sew it up. Cast on the stitches for the bonnet, think I have enough yarn left to do it.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Goodness

We had a hard frost last night. I did think after such a nice day that might happen and it did. Plenty of windscreen scraping I guess.

It was just 1c in the garden when I went to hang another load of laundry on the whirly, the sun is quite bright, there is a slight breeze enough I hope to dry most of the laundry.

No heater on in the sitting room so I lit the fire, cleared out all the ash that collects outside the ash can, why don't they make the ash cans wider? I ended up with soot all up my arm.

DB spent some time in the garden, he has dug more out of the trench behind the coal shed, the coal was quite wet at the bottom of the heap. We are burning more wood just now. I want to try and pipe the water away from the shed.

I have got up to the armholes on the matinee coat, I have to join the sleeves in, the yoke, like the main part of the coat its knitted all in one, decreasing as you get nearer to the neck. Hope to have enough yarn to at least knit the bonnet and maybe the booties.

No idea what to make for supper tonight. I have a menu list but I do not stick rigidly to it. I do get really sick ofcooking at times, I would love to go on holiday for a week or so and get the cooking and cleaning done for me.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Will it...Wont it?

last, the weather that is...... it had rained overnight, but as I was hanging the towels out it was beginning to dry up. I have another load to do tonight, so hope tomorrow is a good day too so I get it all dry.

A quick trip into town, Morrison and Sainsbury. I had a voucher to spend, in Sainsbugs bought I large piece of topside which will do us several suppers. I made pancakes last night, 3 each with sugar and lemon, scrummy!!

The sun was quite bright as we travelled home, but the wind is still very cold.

I did not put the sitting room heater on last night, the fire was cold this morning,but the thermometer showed 21c in the sitting room, I relaid the fire, will light it later this afternoon when the temperature starts to drop.

Finishing off the turkey breast from Sunday tonight, have done spuds, carrots cauli and a few brussels to have with it. Will wrap the turkey in foil and put it in the top of the steamer to re-heat.

Need to get on with the second matinee jacket, it is going to Aus. so need to finish it so it can be sent off before the baby arrives.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I Don't Believe It

Its been a bright, sunny day, quite a breeze and it has dried the laundry on the whirly.

No idea what was wrong with me yesterday, I am still feeling a bit 'spaced out' but much better than yesterday. A decent nights sleep, did not hear the alarm go off, so got breakfast in bed.

Laundry hung out I sorted the fire, despite not putting any coal or ood on it after 8pm last night, as I started to put the wood over the paper, smoke started to drift up and by the time I had put the clinker and some coal on top of the wood it was flaming. I have turned the heater off in the sitting room, it can stay off.

DB spent an hour or so in the garden, he says there are a lot of bulbs coming up in the back, I should hope so, I put over 200 in last autumn.

Sauce made for spag bol tonight. Tomorrow we have to drop in a script request at the Drs on our way into town. I need yogurt from Morrison and also some bits from Sainsbury. Trying to keep a strict handle on the spending this month.

We had a letter from the council this morning out rent has gone down for next month, so we must have caught up with the arrears the council put us in when they did not deal with our paper work for 6 weeks after we moved in. We will get a letter next month giving us the rate for 2016/17 which of course will change once they have the figures for our civil service pensions at the end of April. DB's SW pension rise was 18p per month of which the council have taken 16p.......heaven knows what they will take from the civil service pension rise. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

10 degrees under

Wind howling round, not feeling too clever today, not sure why.

A sketchy Monday clean done, DB shoved the Dyson round. No laundry done, forecast was for rain, bed stripped, in the washer to do tonight, hope its dry tomorrow or its going to have to be dried inside........

No coughing last night for a change, I was very tired was actually asleep before DB put his light out.

The wind has been howling round most of the day, it started to rain about 10am and has not stopped since, hope tomorrow is better.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Still blowing a hoolie but the sun is out

Late getting up this morning, we had breakfast in bed, finally dragged ourselves out around 10.30.

I had a disturbed night, the carbon monoxide monitor we used to use in the caravan was on the top of the dresser and bleeping away. It was not the red light that was flashing, and the fixed one we have was not going off at all. I looked at it in the kitchen and discovered it was the fault light that was flashing, could not reset the thing, so left it on the side in the kitchen, shut all the doors and went back to bed. It was still bleeping away when I went in this morning...... it is not bleeping now, I hit it with the lump hammer, that stopped it....its now in the bin!! We had it for a number of years, and I know that eventually you have to replace them, you cannot just replace the batteries, this one had done sterling service both in the caravan and also the various houses we have lived in with gas central heating boilers.

Cleared out the fire and relit it, the sitting room was quite warm, it just took a couple of minutes to catch the paper and flame up.

I am going to cook the turkey breast roast I bought in case we could not make it to DD2's for lunch on Christmas day. Doing roast spuds and butternut squash, cauli and calebrese with it. No dessert unless DB decided he wants a banana with some ice cream.

I bought a bunch of daffs from Lidl, they are providing a welcome splash of colour in the sitting room.

I am going to carry on knitting the second matinee coat after our leek and potato soup lunch. Guess DB will go for his siesta.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Yuk, its raining again

The fire stayed in all  night, I put stick on and some coal, away it went. We did not use any more fuel yesterday than we would in an evening, so I will be banking it up again tonight.

It was hissing down with rain when we got up, a quick go round with the Dyson, cleaned the loo and bathroom and mopped the kitchen floor.

T arrived right on time and we walked sown to the green with her little jack russell leading the way. There were quite a few horses already on the green. Just on 11am the hounds arrived with the whipper in and Master, the pick coats making a bright statement against the grey sky. The stirrup cap was passed round by hunt supporters and eventually they set off. No longer hunting for foxes but chasing a dragged cloth.

It was still pouring with rain as we walked home. DD2 had arrived so we had hot coffee. T set off to drive home and we had lunch. DB retired for his siesta and DD2 left to catch the 2pm bus back to Melton.

The wind has increased since I got home, we are forecast 50mph winds later.

There was a terriffically loud bang at one point, I though at first it was the gate, but then realised the farmer has sowed the field at the back of us and it was a bird scarer going off. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

No rain but bitter in the wind

No coughing last night so another good nights sleep. still felt tired when I got up, but whats new???

We were out and off to town, went to the library, I left DB in there and went over to Boyes for more cough medicine, cough sweets, yarn and buttons. I noticed they were selling off some garden stuff, DB got some sulphate of potash he had been looking for.

Back home shopping put away and put a match to the fire, after lunch DB went for his siesta. I started on the second matinee jacket, pale lemon this time. I also went round with the duster, will put the Dyson on in the morning and shove the mop over the kitchen floor. DB will go with my friend down to the green whilst I wait for DD2 to arrive, she said she will be on the 10.30 bus which should get here for 11am, depends on the traffic on the road, the hunt are meeting in the village so it will be like a three ringed circus for a while in the morning.

I have smoked salmon, honey roast ham and eggs cooked to do egg mayo for sandwiches. I made a pot of leek and potato soup, its in the fridge, it should be fine tomorrow when the flavour has developed.

No lie in tomorrow, need to be up and at 'em, might manage one on Sunday.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Baby coat and bootees, finished. Not enough yarn left for a beanie hat. It is actually blue, the flash on the camera has bleached it out a bit.

Need to get the yarn tomorrow for the next one, same pattern but this one is going to Australia for my great niece due in their winter, our summer.

Another dull day.

It appeared to have rained over night, by mid morning the pavements were dry and we had a short burst of sun.

After breakfast I cleaned out the fire and re set it. About 20 minutes later OH called me, the fire was blazing away, there must have been some hot ashes in the bottom of the grate, so I have kept it in. Will see how much fuel we use keeping it alight all day. It might  prove cheaper than keeping the wretched storage heater on in the sitting room.

Made a ring of scones this morning, prepped the supper and sewed up the matinee coat I knitted, am just knitting a pair of bootees to use up the wool. If I get them finished they can go to my daughter tomorrow when we go into town to the library. I will then get the yarn for the second jacket which is to go to Australia.

OH is having his siesta, he put away the jig saw he started before Christmas, said he could not be bothered doing it and thought he would put it out to go to the charity shop. He is going to the garden club tonight, I am staying at home. Its £32 for the two of us for the year on top of the £36 we pay for U3A.

Time for tiffin, better go and put the kettle on.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nice Day but Brrrrrr

Decent nights sleep, the first for quite a time. No coughing from DB for a change.

Off this morning to the coffee morning round at the little chapel. Not so many of us there today, but quite a lively conversation about all sorts of things from TV to Badgers.

Finished off the lentil soup for lunch, Egg, wedges and baked beans for supper tonight.

I spent some time this afternoon doing the blocks for the workshop and also writing the instructions, they sound barmy, but I do know what I am doing (I think).

Its been fine all day, we did have some sun, but very chilly. DB decided to cut the front grass after he had his siesta, so all the grass has now been cut.

My friend contacted me yesterday, the hunt is meeting in the village this weekend so she is coming over to see us, I asked her to stay for some lunch, will do leek and potato soup and some sandwiches. We need to go to the library on Friday, so I can nip into Lidl for the few bits I need fruit and veg wise on the way home. Will make the soup on Friday and leave it in the fridge over Friday night, allow the flavour to develop.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Windy again

but I managed to get another load of laundry dry, its just airing before being put away.

DB did cough briefly around 4.30 this morning, did not keep me awake though, we were up just after 8.00.

Busy morning. laundry hung out, beef stew and veg prepared for tonight, sorted the fire ready to light later. More of the lentil soup for lunch. I had sliced up the loaf I made yesterday, so a couple of slices of that. There is enough soup left for tomorrows lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I was working on blocks for the quilting workshop in March, have done them all now, just have to write the instructions and check them.

We had sun this morning but it has gone now, will be lighting the fire shortly. DB is watching countdown.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Blooming wind

Blowing a hoolie again. I have chanced laundry on the line, so far it is ok, did use storm pegs in the vain hope it might stop the stuff ending up in Harby (the next village).

Busy morning, Monday clean done, last nights roast pork joint sliced up, enough for tonight with salad and 3 more suppers. Also have a loaf in the bread maker.  Think I will put a pot of lentil soup on to have for lunch. DB is mucking about in the garden. He has swept all the debris from round the kitchen door, chopped up more kindling and is now sorting out the rubbish hole (shed).

Its very windy, the sun kssps coming and going, it is supposed to rain at some point, no sign of it so far.

Almost a cough free night, DB woke about 5.30 had his cough medicine and went back to sleep. It was just before 8 when I woke.

Library van this afternoon, it is only coming once a month now, so we just get 4 books from there, get more from the big library when we go into town.

Not much on this week, just the coffee morning at the little chapel on Wednesday.