Saturday, 2 January 2016

What a Wonderful Srart to 2016.....Not

Had a message from DD2 this morning, my ex husband had had burglars. He heard a noise New Years Eve, thought it was next door, so did not investigate. Went down yesterday morning to find the patio doors wide open, Christmas presents, a cheque, cash for our sons funeral and his car keys gone. Low life....want their hands chopping off. He had an estimate to replace the locks on his car, £400 the car is not even worth that.

I wish he would move, the area he lives in is rife with burglary and drugs. His partner left the house to him for his lifetime, if he moves he will have to fund his own accommodation.

Its a wet day here, I started making up the 3 extra mats, have given up, two of them the bits are not fitting properly, so the lot is in the bin. I will start again tomorrow, fresh fabric, the lot.

My quilting friend phoned me, she has not been well, caught a nasty cold from her son, spent Christmas in bed. I must try and get over to see her next week sometime. She is thinking about moving nearer to her family in Bristol.

Supper tonight, quiche, salad and jacket spud, another of the mincepies each for dessert, that just leaves enough for us to have tomorrow for afternoon tiffin.

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