Monday, 25 January 2016


Two loads of laundry out on the whirly this morning. I fetched them in just after lunch, it started to cloud over, the towels were about dry, the sheet and pillow case were also dry but the quilt cover still quite damp. Towels went in the dryer for 20 minutes, the rest folded, by the time I come to do the ironing everything will be just damp enough to iron without having to use steam.

Prepped the veg for tonight. Its Burns night, so haggis, neeps and tatties.......I hate cutting the swede, its so difficult to get a knife through, I ended up bashing it on the back step to get the knif through.

DB is still not right, he fell asleep in the cahir this morning, so I packed him off to bed, he slept for well over an hour. I woke him up taking his lunch in to him.

I have got the two sleeves to the baby caot done, have just cast on the 194 stitched to do the body of the coat, its knitted from the bottom, the sleeves join in at the yoke.

It was quite bright this morning, there was a fair breeze, its clouded over now, guess it might be the starts of the wet weather we were forecast for tomorrow....yuk......


  1. Well done in getting the laundry as done as it needs to be before ironing. I, too, like to press my fabrics when they're still damp as it takes so little effort.

    Sorry DB's schedule for sleep and his energy are still off kilter. Does he need to see the doctor again this week?

    What color is the yarn you're using for this baby coat?

    Our temperatures for yesterday, today, and the next two days is in the low 40s*F so our couple of feet of snow is very slowly starting to melt. The cats will be glad when it's gone.


  2. I cook swede in the microwave as you dont have to peel it at all - just pop it in for 15-20mins and scoop out the flesh - its delicious!


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